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  • Hi,

    I've just updated the website. There's a more professional front page as well as links to the most recent forum posts.

    Instead of the Blog, I'll now be using the forum instead. It means I'll update it more often, it's easier for forum members to follow, and it also means you can comment on what gets said.

    As well as the new front page, I've reorganised the links to tutorials, examples and modules and hopefully have made everything a bit easier to find and use. Please let me know if there are any problems or you can think of anything that'd improve it!

  • Much more better! thumbs up :-)

  • Awesome, it looks great!

  • Very nice Gordon! A great improvement.

    One suggestion. Why not add links in the various sub-sections? For example in the section entitled:

    Everything on one chip for the lowest power consumption.

    why not add a link called "Further details here" to this page:

  • Thanks! I've just tweaked it...

  • Big step, much better than before !
    One suggestion, why not move news (and forum?) to the top, so everybody that opens this page will see without the need to scroll.
    Most people, like me, will not scroll to the end of a page very often.

  • @Gordon Good work Gordon! A suggestion, could you add a sticky option for forum sections? For example, a thread listing popular questions that get asked multiple times with a link to the thread that has the answer?

  • You mean on the forum itself rather than the Website?

    That could be a plan. I'm trying to include stuff in the FAQ, and I'm not noticing the same questions being asked a lot now (have you noticed some?)... If there are questions like that I'll definitely add a sticky though...

  • No, I haven't noticed the same questions being asked lately. And yes I meant the forum, sorry I should of been more specific. Adding stickys to the forum can allow you to force a thread to the top with, for example, saying: Before submitting a question, please search and visit the FAQ.

  • Nice modern, bright design. And what I like the most: it is responsive - in terms of responsive web design. For the (language) reference page I have some suggestions: clicking on a heading could go back into the (sub) index. This back/cross referencing would help a great deal when using the page as cheat sheet. ;-)

  • I have recently bought an Espruino and i'm starting to work through the tutorials.
    I have noticed that you have organised the tutorials alphabetically. I personally think it would be easier for new adopters of the Espruino, like me, to have the tutorials in a difficulty order. Or perhaps group a few tutorials together that will help teach more of the core functions and skills needed for the Espruino.

  • @JackHoward - and @Gordon - grouping is accomplishable and was done in the past - with lots of work, for example by creating a page for each of the groups... More recently, tagging and presenting tag clouds have replaced it, because they support also favorably searching, which is dynamic, ad-hoc, on demand grouping. Just think about the very spread hashtagging - #tagvalue

    @Gordon, does the environment you use for the examples, (blog) conversations, etc. support tagging options? I know that most (blog) conversation environments have the option of blocking or selective enabling for posts and and with that also the tagging. Moving the examples in a tagging enabled context with (moderator or author) controlled posting and tagging would be a good solution, no matter what needs will come up. Is there some documentation about the environment you are using for the Espruino Web site?

    Edit: I had great laugh reading my post after posting: #tagvalue got highlighted and presented as a link. Clicling it threw the very same post right back to me... So no (real) work needed for posts... may be just a simple nudging of the poster by adding a field for tags in the post form, or at least a solicitation with the explanation that hash (#) prefixed terms are detected as hashtags. Too bad - more: really bad, (?) Formatting help does not even mention the tagging option {{{:((((>>>. After a while, the nudging for tagging can be removed, because readers will notice the tagging options by the posts with tags they read.

  • @JackHoward good plan about ordering. At the moment the list is generated automatically, but I'll look at trying to at least divide them into sections for how advanced they are.

    @allObjects I'll try and add some back-links. I'm definitely up for trying to link wherever possible. If anyone feels like improving them it'd always be appreciated as I'm not sure when I'll get around to it ;)

    As far as the examples/etc, it's all here. Tagging isn't implemented at the moment, but a list of keywords up the top are - which help with the 'live search'. I suppose a simple solution would be to replace #analog withĀ­ - and then it'd just be a matter of going through tutorials sticking in hashes.

    Which reminds me, microcosm have an api for forum search, which I should integrate with the existing documentation search...

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New Espruino Front Page

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