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    There's an added aspect to UK pledgers: VAT. Patreon adds VAT to every pledge, whereas PayPal direct doesn't. That's been the case since before this change though.

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    To be honest I care less about the actual money as the underhanded and stupid way Patreon have done it. Rather than sending each individual customer an email (or link) saying "You currently pay this much and your creators get this much; now you will pay this much and your creators will get this much", they've tried to spin it as a tiny change that's good for everyone involved.

    It's not clear yet but it's possible this is not just a shameless cash grab and is either something Patreon are forced to do or that there's a hidden subtlety that does actually make this better than it sounds. Even so, I don't reward companies that shoot themselves in the foot with opaque misleading communications.

    I honestly don't understand why Patreon needs so many millions in VC funding, for example. Could such a system not be funded purely by equitable transparent fees -- or even with a crowdfunded operation themselves -- in a Community Interest Company / Social Benefit Corporation that limits shareholder return? Why does everything need to be in pursuit of maximum profit, rather than covering costs and making a modest profit?


    It looks like this is an ongoing developing story, so I'll wait until the dust settles before I pull the plug on Patreon. I have a feeling a competitor will rise as their logical alternative, the beneficiary of Patreon's hubris.

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    Hi @Gordon,

    In response to Patreon's shameless cash grab, I'm going to close my account with them. Have you a preferred alternative platform for pledging support?


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    Yeah. The springy pin goes through a slot, then loops back and goes through-hole to solder on the other side. The kink in the pin just before it goes through the slot keeps the ESP32 board itself pulled against the base-board. It's 0.05" pitch as far as I can see, but obv. a different number of pins.

    It's silk-screened to hell and back, so I can't see what the connections to the other gubbins on the board are, but some Stanley-knifing with extreme prejudice should work. Anyway, it wasn't expensive. I seem to remember mine came over on the slow boat from Shenzen, though.

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    @Gordon Have you seen this ESP-WROOM-32 (ESP32) programming board with spring contacts? I know the nRF52-based MDBT42Q is smaller, but I'm wondering if something similar could be made from one of these boards. I've found this one very easy to work with.


    (If you Google Image Search "ESP-WROOM-32 fixture" you'll see some better images. The ESP-WROOM-32 just clicks into place and stays there until you snap it out)

    Looking at mine, I think you might be able to hack the contacts off one of these and onto your own board, with a Dremel, a tiny iron, some tweezers and a lot of patience.

    Edit: or, come to think of it, if you don't need the short-edge contacts, you could probably just saw out the two rows of side contacts and move them closer together!

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    250ms seems to work. I've also eliminated a lot of the problems by encapsulating the entire program within function init() { so variables are local and aren't preserved. Also, by NRF.removeAllListeners(), E.removeAllListeners(), clearWatch().

    When I use serial, it tends to behave a little differently on the BLE side, and since serial will suck the battery dry -- I've used up two CR2032s this afternoon alone! Thank IKEA and Lidl for cheap cells -- it's not much use for the original purpose of testing power consumption. Saying that, the new firmware has seemed to stop the 3mA current draw when sleeping.

    I'm having to unpair/pair the device on the iPad to get it to properly act, sometimes.

    I've updated the Gist above with my current code, if interested. I'm going to try it out properly tonight.

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    After scrapping my FTDI232 for now and buying a new USB-to-Serial, I've finally got it talking via serial; Serial1.setConsole(true);, of course. Unfortunately, getting through the back-door just seems to confuse matters a bit :(

    I'm now getting a range of errors, including:

    Uncaught Error: Got BLE error NRF_ERROR_INVALID_STATE
     at line 1 col 11

    on disconnect; the dreaded 13313 appeared once or twice, as well as Uncaught Error: Got BLE error code 15, although I think those were both due to old code being stored and/or general connection weirdness.

    Anyway, I'm going to clear this down and start again. I really appreciate your patience. :)

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    Ah, okay. I just tried your setTimeout(...,1000) hack (still on 1v92.103) and the LEDs went nuts: it disconnects (purple), sets a timeout for 1 second, reconnects before that timeout occurs (cyan), then sleeps per the timeout (disconnect, purple) and so on, until it happens to not connect before it sleeps! :)

    Thanks for the fix; I'm eager to try it. Have you got the most recent Puck binary, by any chance? I haven't got cross-compilation rigged up at the moment.