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    A temperature correction would be nice of course. You could focus on Varta batteries because they are one of the best products for a fair price.

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    Hello, I tried to transmit the battery level of a puck using NRF.setServices.
    My source code is the following:

        0x180F : {
        0x2A19 : {
          readable : true,
          notify: true,
          value: [ Puck.getBatteryPercentage() ]

    This morning the battery level was 58%, a few hours later it was 64% (using NRF Connect App). How could this happen and how can I get the real battery level?

    Kind regards

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    Thank you so much. I have looked in the API for an own function instead of a handler. I will try it later.

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    Thank you for your help. I have tried to connect the smartphone with the Puck. The Puck sets a service and updates it on a click. The NRF Connect app shows the data. Everything works fine. Now I would like to send data from the smartphone (central), which is connected, to the puck (peripheral).
    Are there functions to do this or is it only a one-way-communication?

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    Thank you.

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    Does the Puck support Central/Peripheral mode? I have read that there are some problems connecting Android devices because they do not support Central mode. Could the Puck work as a Gatt Server and is further configuration required? That should allow more compatibility.

    A nice update, really interesting functions.

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    This works. I tried to connect the Smartphone with the Puck instead of the connecting Puck with the smartphone.
    However I always get the error "Connection timeout". Any idea how to solve this? I used the Bluetooth Mac Address I found on my Android Smartphone (Settings -> About the device -> Status).

    FindDevices also returns an empty array:
    NRF.findDevices(function(devices) { console.log(devices); }, 1000);

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    Hello, I try to debug my source code for creating a bluetooth communication. The sourcecode looks like this:

    NRF.connect(addr).then(function(d) {
      device = d;
      return d.getPrimaryService("service_uuid");
    }).then(function(s) {
      console.log("Service ",s);
      return s.getCharacteristic("characteristic_uuid­");
    }).then(function(c) {
      return c.readValue();
    }).then(function(d) {
      console.log("Got:", JSON.stringify(d.buffer));
    }).catch(function() {
      console.log("Something's broken.");

    I know that the example above is not valid.
    My general question: How can I debug a bluetooth communication? The problem:
    I connect the Puck with Windows to transmit the program to the puck. For establishing a connection from another device (e.g. Android Smartphone), I have to disconnect the Puck from Windows to be able to connect the Android Smartphone with the Puck. If I am disconnected, I will not see the console output on my computer. So how can I see the console result after disconnecting the puck? Could it be stored on the device?