Bangle.js in an IoT project

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  • Hi everyone,
    i saw the video about using puck.js and raspberryPI with espruino Hub and i'm asking, is it possible to do the same with bangle.js, creating a custom server that stores data and also a custo app for bangle that takes that, obviously always having a connection?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but i'm new in IoT world and i'm trying to learn.

  • Hi! Yes, that's totally possible.

    In fact the code itself should be pretty much identical between Puck.js and Bangle, with the only changes being in how you get the data from the sensors.

  • Perfect, that's a good news thank you @Gordon, but i have another question about the architecture, i saw that espruino hub is a bridge between BLE and MQTT, but i didn't understand if the protocol uded is actually a BLE or MQTT? I'll try to explain well, i have to think the data flow between devices as a BLE protocol and manage them in that way, or MQTT?

  • In the simplest form EspruinoHub just relays Bluetooth LE advertising packets over MQTT:­mqtt-bridge - that's what I'd suggest you use for any kind of monitoring application.

    So it's not really a protocol per se - you're just getting notified via MQTT whenever any advertising data is received.

    Actually making a connection is more complex, but I think the link above describes it pretty well.

  • Oooook i got it, Thank you very much @Gordon, always available and clear. Now i'm going to work on this project.

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Bangle.js in an IoT project

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