WeMos D1 R32 UNO ESP32 - USB comunication

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  • Hi guys.

    At the beginning I have to say, I have just started with Espruino.

    I have this board WeMos D1 R32 UNO ESP32 connected over mini USB to PC where is installed digicamcontrol (software for digital camera control).
    Digicamcontrol have a plugin for Arduino and over setup its listening on USB COM4.

    When I run Espruino, there are some characters coming in Monitor window in Digicamcontrol like ?????L???S???
    I guess, this is console output.
    So, Digicamcontrol is listening. But I need to send from Espruino text command over USB to PC so Digicamcontrol will understand. In Digicamcontrol is message this must be done over Serial.println().
    But as I understand, SerialX. are dedicated on the board to some pins. How to make something like USB.println() ?

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  • Wed 2020.04.01

    'I have to say, I have just started with Espruino'

    Well hello @RakDrak, and welcome to the community of Espruino development. Thank you for posting in the correct thread for the board under development.

    As you may already know, the founders of Espruino just completed shipment of over 1000+ Bangle.js officially supported boards to enthusiastic individuals that have supported the KickStarter campaign contibuting around 40 GBP to 100 GBP to support the efforts of those that build and support this fantastic development environment using Javascript.

    I, a three year supporter, am only responding as I recognize the frustrations gettting up and running. Just look at some of my earlier posts from those early days exploring. While there are a few that might respond to your specific request, please understand that the board you have falls into the 'Other' board category.

    Please read over the eight bulleted list items for the originators position for this category.

    'Note: Third party boards are designed, sold and supported by companies who help to support Espruino's continued development.'

    I know and rocognize that burning desire to continue with the setup you have, so to assist you with that route, review the list collection of important reference links at:

    Writing an effective forum post

    The originators official position:


    I just posted some links for another enthusiastic developer to get started with Javascript and best board choice at:


    Consider support in this manner:


    It may be that a few sympathetic readers will assist, but I do know from reading over the forums that the few that might quickly respond are busy resolving issues for those that contributed with the Bangle.js KickStarter campaign.

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WeMos D1 R32 UNO ESP32 - USB comunication

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