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    As Espruino continues along the path of the ubiquitous IoT device explosion, those in the community battle with the decision on how much of their free time to spend assisting fledgling new Original Espruino board purchasers, those with an eager desire to get started. The following are observations I have made since my introduction to Espruino.

    There are an exceptional amount of web site tutorials and code examples,


    but at times, one may be well, . . . just stuck.

    Many community contributors are willing to assist, giving up their valuable time freely, to get others up and running. We each remember those initial days and you can benefit from their experience. Remember that @Gordon started initially with just an idea. A fleeting thought to solve an existing problem. Imagine the struggle from that initial concept, to the explosion of new users with the myriad of Espruino devices! You, newly introduced to running Javascript on a microcontroller, are building on that success. But maybe, there might be an area where all the pieces don't seem to fit. Here is where the forum will be the tool to get the answer to get up and running quickly.

    EDIT: Other items to check before making that post: See explanation from #4 below.

    As a consideration:

    Try updating your firmware to the latest version

    From the WebIDE :: Settings >> Flasher


    Current Espruino versions and release dates


    and in addition have these excellent pages been reviewed?




    Still at a crossroads? Then by all means create your request:

    An effective forum post would include the following:
    As a suggestion:

    • Create a detailed specific title - beneath the correct forum heading
    • Describe the situation in a sentence or two
    • Post the link to the tutorial or example
    • Post the results of process.env so that viewers can better visualize the environment
    • Post your code - Entire code block please - See #2 @AkosLukacs suggestion post
    • Post the error(s) as seen in the L-Hand console side of the IDE
    • Describe the efforts that have been attempted
    • An image will assist - A picture is worth a thousand words

    Having all of the above will reduce the back-n-forth need to get at the real issue quickly. Having to wait days or weeks for the supporter to gather enough information to get at the source of the issue will greatly reduce the time involvement by building a complete effective foundation first. Correctly placing the initial post will save the moderator valuable time not having to relocate to the appropriate location. 'Other Boards' means just that, non Original Espruino boards.

    Create a detailed specific title
    There are many community contributors that each has a specialty that is willing to assist. But, just having a title, such as 'Software Issue' most likely won't draw the attention of that specific individual for your particular situation. Wasting the time of the reader opening an un-related post is frustrating for all.

    Post the results of process.env
    Remember that the viewer is not a mind reader. Having this tidbit will allow that reader to better visualize what the environment is like. That might assist in splitting between a software issue and a hardware one.

    "VERSION": "1v99",
    "GIT_COMMIT": "f0d66ba",
    "BOARD": "PICO_R1_3",
    "FLASH": 393216, "RAM": 98304,
    "SERIAL": "25005800-13513335-32373134",
    "CONSOLE": "USB",
    "MODULES": "Flash,Storage,fs," ... "b,crypto,neopixel",
    "EXPTR": 536871156 }

    Hint: Use the Greater Than symbol > preceding the first character in a line to highlight gray.

    Hint: To highlight a code word as in the above heading, surround the code word with a valid Html element pair   < code > process.env < / code >   to produce process.env

    Note that spaces were used to allow correct rendering here

    Additional help in formatting may be found using the 'Formatting help' link, just adjacent to the Cancel button, at the bottom of the edit window.

    Post your code
    Hint: Using the '</>Code' button just to the left of the 'Preview' button above the edit window will allow the block and error responses to have additional highlighting, making reading much easier.

    Example code block:

    var intervalID = {};
    function ci() { clearInterval( intervalID ); }
    // msec 
    var delay = 500;
    var nTimes = 6;
    function startTimer() {
      var toggle = false;
      intervalID = setInterval(function () {
        toggle = toggle ? false : true;
      }, delay);

    Unrelated error examples:

    debug>p status
    Uncaught ReferenceError: "status" is not defined
     at line 1 col 3
    Uncaught Error: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
     at line 4 col 228
    ..."+typeof strr+" len: "+strr.length);console.log("Free: "+pro...

    Please, please don't be overly concerned about the quality of the code posting. Everyone has their own style and others may pick up on a newly discovered technique. Resolving a code block style early will speed up the observation of syntax and programming issues, providing for speedier future development.

    Also, don't worry about line numbers if posting a subsequent code snippet. We are not using Basic with a GoTo: statement.    ;-)

    To get an effective response, please remember to review your post, from the point of view, as will be seen by the reader. No one I know is a mind reader, so having complete and concise content will aid those willing to provide their assistance. Also consider staying the course with follow-up. Those of us that provide that assistance would like to know of your success. So will others that may have the exact same issue as yours.

    As a suggestion, post the date. I've seen that up to fifty percent of postings have been resolved as soon as the most recent version of Espruino has been flashed. Having that version and the current date will allow those with a bit of experience to clue in on a possible area of contention.

    While waiting a response
    Remember to be patient, as most are giving their time freely. Search for online content as others most likely have had the same issue previously. Using the search box on the Espruino website might return links when the exact subject or specific board is known. If not, remember that Google is your friend here. Launch a new Google page instance and type a concise request using the 'site:' keyword qualifier. Google search something like:

    how to illuminate the onboard LED for Pico site:espruino.com

    Remember to stay active and follow-up timely. A simple thank you goes a long way.


    End-user and two-year supporter of Original Espruino boards (circa January 2017)

    P.S. Thank you for supporting the Espruino community with the purchase of an Authentic Espruino board

  • Suggestion: bold Post your code :)
    Another suggestion: highlight the part you feel relevant, but post a full reproduction. There may be a mistake at initialization, or even unrelated parts could interfere.

  • If you like to post your code and have problems with a proper format:
    Create a gist and add the link.

    Edit: add link to gist

  • Thanks for this - I'll 'pin' this post to the top :)

    Also, as a first step: Try updating your firmware to the latest version. a lot of people follow tutorials to get started with Espruino and those may use the older firmwares that those tutorials link, but issues get found and fixed all the time.

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