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  • I've just launched a Patreon page, where you can help support my work on Espruino (if you want to!)

    It's a bit like an ongoing KickStarter, where you contribute monthly and if I reach certain funding targets I'll commit to doing certain things.

    Espruino is getting more and more popular, but only quite a small proportion of Espruino's users are using official Espruino boards.

    From the start my intention was always to support as many boards as possible, but the realities of trying to pay myself a salary have meant that I've ended up having to focus on just the boards that I sell. I don't want to do that - I want to help make Espruino better on all boards, and if you contribute on Patreon you'll help me do that!

    (You'll also get a little badge thing on the forum, and I'll start a Patreon-only area where I'll try super-hard to solve any problems you might have :)

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  • I think this is a great idea @Gordon. Good luck with it.

  • Thanks for all you do, @Gordon. Subscribed and tweeted!­51109545984

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  • Thanks! This is great! It's really nice to wave up this morning and think that already there'll be some money coming in each month to help with Espruino on other devices :)

  • wow: those stats just went high.
    Not sure how to interpret puck.js perceived decrease in stat: this could be worrying but could be the event of something new (peek) and then into normal usage (january).

    I only buy original boards :) and micro:bit just hasn't the memory
    Edit: Ok Ok, I give a $1 for micro:bit users and post on the micro:bit slack community forum
    Edit edit: can the stats appear on the patreon? I was going to reference the stats in other forums but then thought it could be a "good" place for the stat
    Edit edit eDIT: espruino is not on LinkedIn: business exposure and I wasn't able to add with reference to a LinkedIn Company for patronage (I didn't get kudo points for my cv: there is no self-less act)

    As usual, no comment needed for above: but think about the LinkedIn Company Precense

  • Warning Will Robertson:
    The link in the automatic tweet leads to blank blog and not to the why of the campaign.­us/840627269114691585

    Further info. There is a difference, if not logged in (typical reader) then one lands correctly in the why of the campaign. There could be some who are logged in (cos they sponsor another cause) and land on posts and not the why (edge case, they probably know where to look for why as they are either sponsor or sponsered)

  • What's a wifi controlled Espruino logo kit?

  • Yes, I need to post some updates :) And yeah, I'll try and post that graph up too.

    The WiFi controlled Espruino logo kit is going to be a PCB with Espruino on it, an ESP8266, and bunch of LEDs - so not very useful, but maybe fun. Assuming anyone actually backs at that level I'll have to design one - hence the 3 months :)

  • OK: I am probably needing some esp8266 "because it is there": do you hold a little competition or something with "what I would like to have (within reasonable reason)"?
    Best suggestion gets a patron pamper badge?

    It would need it's own thread though...could get out of hand, if it ever gets off the drawing board.

    How would other patrons vote? of course, Gordon can put restraints but it could be "interesting" as long as it did not take up too much "Gordon time" (which is relative anyway, but usually too little time I guess)

    $66 of $500

    Simple, less is more, is the best :)

  • Yeah, other Patreon folks do votes on what to work on next. To a certain extent I already do that with GitHub and what gets requested on the forum - I think it's going to be hard to get right - I don't want to suddenly start ignoring everyone that's made Espruino what it is in favour of Patreon :)

    We'll see how it goes - I may well do something later, but I think for the moment it's more simple.

  • It is a challenging call to stay true to a creators long term goal, take into account 'the market', and the present imperfectnesses... The balance between driving a cause into new, expanded and next territories on an overall scale vs. just mending current 'pains' - 'needs' of users for a particular case - is a lot of 'thought works'. @Gordon, we all appreciate that you are living up to these task... and be so accessible in the forum - often very, very basic questions...

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