Ideas for Espruino presentation?

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  • So I'm going to do be doing a talk on embedded js in January and I'm planning to use some Espruinos, I've got my WiFi but I'll probably grab some Pixl's and maybe a Puck.

    Anyone have a cool idea for something I could do with 10+ Pixls that would make a decent presentation?

  • It all depends...

    Will a) some of the audience have most of these pixls in their hand? - or b) all the pixls shown by a camera on a screen? - How big will the audience be - assumed it is an 'in person' event?

    How much time do you have available until the presentation?

  • Some stuff that comes to mind...

    • Some kind of multiplayer game?
    • A poll/quiz? You could hand out 9 of them and everyone selects an answer, then the other one shows how many of each answer there were?
    • You could shove a relay shield on the back of each one and make each one control a small robot
    • You could stick a Wifi shield onto the back of one, and have it grab data that it sends to all the others (for instance using them as now/next occupancy labels for rooms, or price tags).
    • Same thing but use GSM and do it with cellular data or SMS (SMS is super easy¬≠te+Monitoring)
    • You could just do the same but with Node.js on your laptop or a Raspberry Pi to grab the data off the net and put it on Bluetooth.
    • You could put a bunch of Bluetooth Espruino boards (or just beacons) around and have the Pixl display a map that showed where you are based on which beacon had the strongest signal

  • They'll have the pixl's in hand. I'm expecting about 30-40 people. Its 3rd week of January.

  • Sow what can make is kind of a jeopardy game, where the game console then advertises the question to the gamer pixls. The gamer pixls are preloaded with the questions, multiple choice answers, which the players then can pick from as soon as displayed. The time from display to answering - and of course the right answer give the ranking / negative points after back-advertising the group id and time.. and picked up by the gaming console. The audience would huddle as groups of 3..5.

  • I guess another option is to stream some data to each of them - so having some code on your laptop which pulled data off somewhere online (maybe even just a google sheets spreadsheet) and then updated each of the Pixls with the data on that sheet.

    An example use might be maybe a company wants to stick one on each conference room and have them update with the current schedule.

    If you need a hand with any of these, please just let me know and I'm more than happy to help

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Ideas for Espruino presentation?

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