Analog configuration on the puck.js?

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  • Hi,
    Is there any ability to change the analog configuration on the puck.js (nRF52832) to use different gain, differential input, etc? Basically access the configuration settings for a channel?

    Probably an @Gordon question...


  • I'm afraid not, no. However if you find that the nRF52 chip itself allows some extra feature that you need then let me know... Worst case you could almost certainly configure it yourself with one or two poke32 commands.

  • Thanks! Any thoughts on implementing support for the analog comparator?

  • Ok, I just added support to the low-level library. Check out the examples there:

    While there aren't interrupts there directly you can still hook it up to do some pretty interesting things (eg counting changes in the input or accurately measuring the time between them). If you desperately need them you can always change the state of a pin, then short that to another pin that you can use with setWatch.

  • Did you actually have a use-case for this in mind? Or you just thought it'd be cool to have?

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Analog configuration on the puck.js?

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