ESP 8266 ESP 01 = Module Wifi not found

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  • ESP 8266 ESP 01 = Module Wifi not found

    Hello Everyone,
    A noob question.

    Using the web ide I am trying to run the sample

    var wifi = require("Wifi");
    wifi.connect("mywifi", {password:"mypassword"}, function(err){
    console.log("connected? err=", err, "info=", wifi.getIP());

    My firmware version is espruino_1v94_esp8266_combined_512.bin
    Anyone seen this before?
    Is there a reason the device will not use the wifi library from the firmware?

    LOG From console:
    ERROR: getURL("­n.js") error : Not Found
    ERROR: getURL("­") error : Not Found
    WARNING: [notify_warn] Module Wifi not found
    Found a prompt... great!

    ---> "\u0010reset();\n\u0010Modules.removeAll­Cached();\n\u0010var wifi = require(\"Wifi\");\n\u0010wifi.connect(\­"mywifi\", {password:\"mypassword\"}, function(err){\u001b\n console.log(\"connected? err=\", err, \"info=\", wifi.getIP());\u001b\n});\n\­opAP();\n\n"
    Splitting at "reset();\n", delay 250

  • Using the web ide...

    Are you uploading the code in the edit pane by clicking the Send to Espruino button?

  • Do you get a usable command prompt on the left, or nothing? If nothing, you may have forgotten to set the baud rate to 115200.

    If you disconnect and reconnect then it may work - problem is Espruino wasn't able to communicate with the board properly when you connected so it wasn't aware that it was an ESP8266 which has a Wifi module.

  • Hi Gordon and allObjects,
    Yes I am uploading using send to epruino button.
    I am attaching a screen shot of my IDE and console.
    I get the prompt in the left pane but can not type anything there.
    Where do I set the baud rate?
    Thank you the prompt responses.

    2 Attachments

    • console.png
    • webide.png
  • The firm version I have flashed is espruino_1v94_esp8266_combined_512.bin

  • You set the baud rate in the Settings (same place as you found the console) under 'Communications'.

    If you're not aware it exists then I'd be almost certain that's your problem.

  • hi Gordon,
    My baud rate was not 115200. I changed it to 115200 still the same problem.
    console log looks just the same and no usable command prompt.

  • Did you disconnect and reconnect? What you're seeing is because the IDE is not able to communicate with Espruino - that could either be some communication issue, or it might be that Espruino isn't running on your ESP8266 at all!

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting did the trick! Thanks for all your help. I am very excited!

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ESP 8266 ESP 01 = Module Wifi not found

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