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    Sorry - the esp8266 does not support https:// . The TLS library has not been compiled into the firmware, as the secure protocol needs more ram buffer space than the 8266 has...

    It does work on a espruino wifi or the esp32.

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    Did you modify the connection set up?

    This example works on the esp32, you might have enough space in the esp8266...

    It assumes you have a wifi connected, and wifi.save() already done so that there is a connnection:


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    The best thing to do is to use the window 10 64 bit bash on windows. I'm using this for development.
    Install Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 msdn.microsoft.com/da-dk/command­line/wsl/install_guide

    git clone  --recursive  git://github.com/espruino/EspruinoBuildT­ools.git
    cd EspruinoBuildTools/esp32/build/Espruino
    source scripts/provision.sh LINUX
    make clean && make
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    Is this because C5 has special meaning? Would it work with an int or string?

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    If your join the esp32 to wifi, you can then enter it's pi address in
    settings->communications, and then connect to it via wifi.

    Upload of code is much faster too!

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    Instead of using the nodejs - your are better off using the web ide. Install that in chrome and set the board rate to 115200 and use that to programme.

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    Are you sure they're not still running in the background in some form?

    No - the serial port gets locked - you can't flash with a current ide connection. And the esptool.py script is closed before attempting to reconnect in the ide.

    Can you please explain what this means:
    ERROR: RECEIVE ERROR: {"connectionId":2,"error":"overrun"}

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    I've downloaded the firmware above and flashed with that:

      "VERSION": "1v91.374",
      "BUILD_DATE": "Mar  4 2017",
      "BUILD_TIME": "13:37:12",
      "GIT_COMMIT": "5e9489ee5936f24d2684588ff42393b76105cb2­3",
      "BOARD": "ESP32",
      "CHIP": "ESP32",
      "CHIP_FAMILY": "ESP32",
      "FLASH": 0, "RAM": 524288,
      "SERIAL": "240ac400-2f90",
      "CONSOLE": "Serial1",
      "EXPORTS": { "jsvLock": 1074761212, "jsvLockAgainSafe": 1075125944, "jsvUnLock": 1074763152, "jsvSkipName": 1074778216,
        "jsvMathsOp": 1074787824, "jsvMathsOpSkipNames": 1074791308, "jsvNewFromFloat": 1074773388, "jsvNewFromInteger": 1074773300, "jsvNewFromString": 1074772312,
        "jsvNewFromBool": 1074773360, "jsvGetFloat": 1074782172, "jsvGetInteger": 1074776600, "jsvGetBool": 1074782920, "jspeiFindInScopes": 1074800584,
        "jspReplaceWith": 1074800352, "jspeFunctionCall": 1074809836, "jspGetNamedVariable": 1074802216, "jspGetNamedField": 1074802600, "jspGetVarNamedField": 1074802708,
        "jsvNewWithFlags": 1074772040 }


    var p;
    if ( process.env.CHIP_FAMILY == 'ESP8266' ) p=NodeMCU.D4;
    else p = D23;
    var ow = new OneWire(p);
    var d=require("DS18B20");
    var sensor = d.connect(ow);

    I have two sensors connected and see:

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     1v91.374 Copyright 2016 G.Williams
    Espruino is Open Source. Our work is supported
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