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    I you are bringing the file via the ide with require then it will be minified before it is sent to the board - so in this case using external tools won't be of much benefit.

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    If it's working with dio for micro python - then that's unlikely.

    Do a flash erase first - there might be something in flash left over that is giving you grief.

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    What flashing command did you use?

    If you used dio try qio or vice-versa..

    The baud rate to use is 115200.

    Sometimes after flashing you need to disconnect the USB and reconnect.

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    Are you using the chrome extenstion?

    You could try the native windows installer version.

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    If the puck is paired, it doesn’t advertise any more. So if one device is auto connecting- they will stop it. And pulling the battery it might auto connect on re-power up. So turn off Bluetooth on all devices you have connected to.

    For the boot loader mode it needs to be a particular length of time to hold the button down - it’s a kind of tricky timing thing.

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    I got all excited thinking there was a chrome update for windows... bah

    Please can you remove the spam message above?

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    The problem is that it will break everyone's existing configs. And anyone coming from the esp32/esp8266 world expects the board rate to be 115200, as this the the default for the device.

    The issue initially was with microbit. Is it possible to attempt a connection via the set rate - and no command prompt is detected, drop to 9600 and test the connection then?

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    If you change the method here to get

    <form action="#" method="post">

    You can then just the parse the values of out the URL string.

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    Unfortunately I don't think that's on the ESP8266

    This does work on the ESp8266. It's the ESp32 that it has not been implemented on.

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    Get your esp8266 to do a http.get to your remote server. The IP of the request on your remote server will be your current public IP address.

    Anternatively, you can use a Dynamic DNS service, like https://www.noip.com/ . They offer a free service - although you have to update every month. This means that you can use a DNS name and this name will get updated to you current IP.

    You will also need to port forward on your router so that a request on your router gets forwarded to the esp8266. As @Ollie suggested on another thread - it's best to give your esp8266 a static IP based on the MAC address so you know what address to forward too.