Cannot get my e paper to work

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  • Hi guys,
    I just got my e paper from­-paper-new-version-display-module-3.3V-2­.04-inch-177x72.html?search=e%20paper

    And I've been following this great tutorial

    When I plug in the Pico, the blue LED on the epaper lights up, so there are connection.

    Only problem is, that when I save this to the pico and also write save(); nothing happens on the display

    // per default turn display off
    digitalWrite(A7, LOW);
    // run following code onInit
    E.on('init', function() {
      // SPI configuration
      var spi = SPI1;
        mosi: B5,
        sck:  B3
      // create display instance
      var display = require('SSD1606').connect({
        displayType: 'GDE021A1',
        spi        : spi,
        cs1Pin     : B6,
        dcPin      : B7,
        resetPin   : A8,
        busyPin    : A5,
        bs1Pin     : A6, // optional, but if not provided, you need to set the correct SPI mode 4-wire by yourself
        powerPin   : A7  // optional, just do not use the on() or off() function if you do not provide it
      // activate the power to run the display, just a comfort function, 
      // you can control the power by yourself as well
            // (optional) fill the internal buffer for all pixels with color white, 
            // without this the default color will be black
            // not optional - rotate the display x and y coordinates 90 degrees to the right
            // from here it shows the normal usage
            // set color black for subsequent uses
            // set fontsize, see Graphics and Fonts modules for further options
            display.g.drawString('Hello World!', 22, 22);
            // from here it shows the needed part
            // (needed) copy internal buffer to display buffer
            // run the display update
              // do whatever you like here, e.g. turn it off when the update is done
              // again just a comfort function
          // clearScreenColor is optional, but prevents e-paper ghosting
          // shadow of an image may be visible after refreshing (only) parts of the screen
          { clearScreenColor: 0x00 }

    And I get this in the IDE

    Erasing Flash.....
    Compressed 81600 bytes to 10374

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  • Are you sure you've connected it exactly as it said on that SSD1606 page?

    It's suggesting that you could connect the 3.3v power pin to A7 - so if that's the case then when you plug it in the Blue LED shouldn't be lit.

    I'm sure you could power it directly with 3.3v, but I wonder if the code is expecting the display to be in a certain state after it's powered on, so doesn't cope well if the display is permanently powered?

  • Gordon, I tried to unplug the 3.3v > A7 but without any luck, nothing happend.

    I would imagine, that when I run this methode

    // per default turn display off
    digitalWrite(A7, LOW);

    then I turn off the display, but this is not the case.

    Any other suggestions ... please:)?

  • Just to check - are you using an up to date firmware on the Pico?

    I guess it's possible that the display is being powered through the other data pins. You could use digitalWrite to set them all to 0 - but I'm surprised that wasn't an issue originally.

    Actually @MichaelPralow is the guy that wrote this module - I wonder if he has any ideas?

  • I would try to separate pulling the resources from the connect... Some device modules have an initialization sequence built into the connect function to put them into the state to be used. Some of that state may be volatile and get lost when powering the device down. The lost part has to be be redone when re-powered (is so with ave() with modules where .connect() initializes device (such as RFID reader MFRC522)).

    I do not know puck well enough yet nor the e-paper display, but for any other Espruino board noty just I put the connect into the onInit(), which is called after the save() - and on every power on cycle ...or even into application controlled function to power up and connect. This other conversation may give you some insight combined with what you find on debugging your issue, which also will show the various differences - if there even are - between behavior of puck vs the other Espruino boards. I know though very well that since that conversation Promise(s) has been implemented which gives a nice relieve for coding... but the hardware 'challenges'/devices' own life cycle still stand and have to be addressed.

  • Hi @allObject & @Gordon, thank you for your input, I found that there were an error in the mapping of the display in the code example:

    var display = require('SSD1606').connect({
        displayType: 'GDE021A1',
       spi        : spi,
          cs1Pin     : B6,
          dcPin      : B7,
          resetPin   : A5,
          busyPin    : A8,
          bs1Pin     : A6, 
          powerPin   : A7  

    and when I added a simple digitalWrite in the init method, it actually worked.

  • Thanks - I'll update the docs!

  • sry i did only now see the question (is it possible to subscribe to specific topics here?)
    i will test it soon, but it should work out of the box

    can you point to the specific mapping problem?

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Cannot get my e paper to work

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