• Apple have accepted an enhancement I made over the weekend to add bookmarks support to WebBLE, so it's now easy to save your favourite Web Bluetooth pages and return to them later.

    The update should get pushed out to everyone soon.

    See the WebBLE announcement conversation for more info on WebBLE on iOS.

    Also fixed in this version:

  • Just to add, the app itself can be downloaded with this link: itunes.apple.com/us/app/webble/i­d1193531073

  • Just tested, and this now works with the Web IDE! A little fine-tuning needed (to be honest the IDE's always been a bit fiddly with phones/tablets) but it's basically there

  • What is the URL for the online version of the web ide?

    Perhaps this could be added as one of the bookmarks?

  • https://www.espruino.com/ide

    And yes, hopefully it will be soon :)

  • Really excited about this!

    The only BLE device I have around me is a Sphero BB-8, and the test page I use doesn't show any Bluetooth devices when I try to connect. Not sure where things are breaking down.

    I'll try another BLE device later (a BBQ thermometer) and see if I have any luck.

    One thing that might help diagnose what's going on: is there a way to enable Safari Remote Debugging inside the browser, so I could see if there's a Web Bluetooth error being thrown somewhere?

  • At the moment there isn't anything as far as I know - but if you can modify the webpages yourself it's easy enough to add a textbox and then overwrite console.log - which might give you some clues what's going on I guess.

    Also, you could change requestDevice on the BB8 page so it wasn't as strict about the types of devices it displayed in the menu.

    Hopefully the BBQ thermometer will work though? I'd be interested to see what happens.

    It's a bit hard for @daphtdazz to try with different hardware though - even ignoring the time it takes, it gets quite expensive buying lots of random BLE stuff to test on :)

  • @user73018: as Gordon says there is no way to enable Safari Remote Debugging in the browser unfortunately. A console window is next on my todo list for the app, but can't say when I might get around to it... sooner if more people ask for it!

  • @Gordon @daphtdazz No such luck on the BBQ thermometer. Even after setting acceptAllDevices: true in navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice no devices show up.

    I overrode console.log, but nothing super strange going on there, either.

    Here's what I'm seeing: youtube.com/watch?v=Nz8O4WYw­h04

    And the code in particular: gist.github.com/mattdsteele/0fa9­cafc4a95738181137547eae21fc8#file-app-js­

    Anyhow this is mostly FYI. Not expecting you to debug my code, or buy more BLE devices :)

  • What Apple device are you using? Is it possible that it doesn't have BLE support or Bluetooth is turned off?

    I've had a lot of success with WebBLE. I didn't manage to get it to fly my Parrot minidrone, but even then it managed to show it in the device selector window.

  • iPhone SE, which is Bluetooth 4.2 I believe. BLE works in other apps, so I'm hesitant that it's a hardware issue.

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WebBLE 1.1 (iOS app) with bookmark support available!

Posted by Avatar for daphtdazz @daphtdazz