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  • Hi! I guess it's this one?­een-SPI-Serial-Port-Module-TFT-Color-Dis­play-Touch-Screen-ST7735-p-1414465.html?­cur_warehouse=CN

    If so:

    Number  Name    1.8 inch TFT LCD
    1   GND Power ground
    2   VCC Power 3.3V+
    3   SCL Serial clock line
    4   SDA Serial data cable
    5   RES Display reset pin, low lever reset
    6   DC  Register select pin (instruction/data register selection pin)
    DC = ' 0' : Displaydata. (DC = ' 0' : Select command register) 
    DC = ' 1 ' : Displaydata. (DC =, 1' : Select data register)
    7   BLK LCD backlight control, low level off backlight
    8   MISO    Serial clock line
    9   CS1 Display SPI chip selection
    10  CS2 Touch screen SPI chip selection
    11  PEN Touch trigger output
    12  NC  Hanging

    To get started I'd just use software SPI so you can use whatever pins you want. Connect GND and VCC up to GND and 3.3v, then connect each pin to the easiest available IO pin.

    In terms of the software, probably start out with the ST7735 and copy the code from

    It should be pretty straightforward to map the pins given the data above, but any questions just ask :)


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