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    Thanks Gordon, I'll take a look (and try and remind myself about all this stuff).

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    I was wondering if anyone could help/make suggestions.

    I have a solar setup on the roof which, via the inverter, sends data to a portal giving me information on generation, power import, power export, and self consumption. The PV installer sold me on the ability to measure this data internally via a modbus interface. This is partly true in that I can measure the solar generation, but the import/export meter can only send data to the portal, or provide data via modbus, not both.

    I've looked at the price of an additional meter is £200, plus wiring it up, and configuring. But I also have a few original espruino and a few picos hanging around, so why not try myself?

    A CT (current transform) clamp is about £15, so one wrapped around my electricity meter (one external, one internal) should give me the data I need (....I think).

    I guess I'd get the espruino to convert analogue current measurements to digital, calibrate with my portal data, and then just log somewhere (probably socket connection to home server).

    Has anyone done anything like this? Any suggestions about where to start - apart from buying the clamps :)

    Cheers, Lloyd.

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    Thanks Gordon, that's really useful!

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    Going to make up the addressable LED project for controllable lighting in my living room, I've bought a string of 50 LEDs (bright enough for a 3.5x3.5m room?) but I'm looking for a suitable power supply.

    Looking at the math a 2A power supply should be ok, but I'd prefer a bit of headroom (plus if lights aren't bright enough I'll double numbers and reduce spacing). I've come across this on amazon and wondering if it would be suitable? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Slingbox-Sling-R­eplacement-Supply-Adapter/dp/B008FZ4DZ0/­ref=pd_bxgy_ce_text_y

    Open to other suggestions too.

    Planning on doing standard brightness/colour ideas with changing patterns but also thinking of hooking it up to a browser with webaudio and projecting a spectrum analyser type pattern on the wall. If I get there/am successful I'll post the code.

    Thanks for any help, Lloyd.