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    Thanks for the tips, but none of them worked. I don't have a separate cable to test charging with, but as I mentioned in the first post, I looked at it with a multimeter and it seemed fine.

    I did try another USB power brick, and still no luck.

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    Yeah, the battery was getting low over the last few days, I was planning on charging it yesterday.

    No voltage across the middle 2.

    I did take my shower with it, but it was far from the first time (did it almost every day for the past ~month since I got it), and the watch wasn't submerged. I searched the forum about that, and my watch seems to have the white membrane in the hole under the wrist strap. I really hope it's not water damage, any way I could try to rule that out?

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    Had you been able to charge it properly in the past?


    Contacts seem pretty clean, except the one that's a bit corroded. I was wearing the watch this morning, so it wasn't cold either, and my office is at 23°C; I don't think the temperature is an issue.

    How long should I press the button? I've tried holding it for 30+ seconds, to no avail. Watch has been plugged in for the last ~4 hours or so.

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    So my Bangle.js 2 ran out of battery this morning. No biggie, except now it doesn't seem like it wants to charge anymore.
    I tested the contacts on the charge cable, and I see 5.25V across the 2 outer ones.
    No voltage across any of the contacts behind the watch, and the third one (counting from the button side) is slightly corroded.
    Watch has a black screen and is unresponsive when I press the button.

    Any way I can force it to charge?