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    Hmm I see. This is a problem with the Espruino Original Rev 1.3b, so maybe that doesn't apply in this case?

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    I'm not sure where you are suggesting to put the tape, and what you mean by padding it out, can you post a picture?

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    I have 2 of the originals, Rev 1.3b. I've been trying to find if this issue has been posted before but I can't find any threads. I'm noticing that I need to have the USB connected at a certain angle, with a little pressure for it to properly connected. Tried with various cables, on both Mac and Linux. If I simply plug the cable in, it almost never connects completed, maybe 1/2 times it when I run dmesg -w I can see the device connect them immediately disconnect, and because it only remains connected when the angle/pressure of the usb port is a specific way, I would assume this is the source of the problem. Additionally, per the troubleshooting instructions, I can see that when I press the reset button, the lights come on, so power supply doesn't seem to be the issue, just the maintained connection.

    I bought these items off someone else, as part of a large package of various items, so it's not a big deal for me. But I'm wondering if this problem is common, and if there's an easy solution. I noticed I could load code in different ways, not just via USB, so I might just try this instead, although having use of the IDE would be ideal. Can I use a couple of the pins instead of the USB and still connect perhaps via a Raspberry Pi or something?