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    I'll try make docs with and without the SAVE_ON_FLASH flag.

    By 'low flash devices', I was referred to these notes in the online API documentation:
    Note: This is not available in devices with low flash memory

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    Is there a comprehensive list of functions and functionality that is omitted on low-flash devices? This is documented throughout the API (things like the getFree function in the Storage module), but I was hoping there might be a definite list somewhere.

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    Somewhere I recall seeing a table (or similar) of the amount of free flash and RAM available for JS on the various devices, and how many JS variables it would support, but I can't find it now. Can anyone point me to it?

    Also a few related questions:

    1. JS typically executes in RAM, so I assume the full size of the JS text is subtracted from available RAM before the rest is allocated to variables?
    2. What determines whether a JS variable uses 12 or 16 bytes?
    3. What options are there for "maximizing" flash or RAM space? I believe it's possible to execute code from flash, but with a possible performance penalty. Where can I find more information on that?
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    Thank you--that makes perfect sense. Also, since I posted the question, I found the mention of B6/B7 (in the [!] of the pinout diagram); maybe it's mentioned somewhere else, too, but that's the only place I found it.

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    My objective is to use one of the serial ports on the Pico as the console when the Pico isn't plugged into a USB port, but have the console automatically move back to USB when the Pico is plugged into a USB port.

    The documentation states that:

    force: if false, changes in connection state (eg USB/Bluetooth) can move the console automatically

    This seems to imply that there is a way to automatically set the console to USB when the Pico is plugged into a USB port, but otherwise use Serial1, for example. If so, how is this accomplished?

    Also, I'm a little confused by the pinout of the Pico in the online docs. Which serial interfaces are actually available? I'm assuming that the globals Serial1 and Serial2 correspond to USART1 and USART2, but why does USART1 RX appear on A10 and B7?