List of omitted functions on low-flash devices

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  • Is there a comprehensive list of functions and functionality that is omitted on low-flash devices? This is documented throughout the API (things like the getFree function in the Storage module), but I was hoping there might be a definite list somewhere.

  • As you say generally lists every function and where it is available so you can work it out from there.

    What do you mean by 'low flash devices' though?

    There is no pre-made list as every device is different, but if you're willing to check out the Espruino repository you can do BOARD=YOUR_BOARD_ID make docs and it'll make a reference file of everything that is available for that board and nothing more

  • I'll try make docs with and without the SAVE_ON_FLASH flag.

    By 'low flash devices', I was referred to these notes in the online API documentation:
    Note: This is not available in devices with low flash memory

  • Yes - this mainly only refers to the BBC micro:bit 1. Every official board is unaffected

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List of omitted functions on low-flash devices

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