SleepLog - Adding heart rate

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  • Has anyone already tried adding heart rate to SleepLog?

    A single max heart rate like sleepHR that says to only consider sleep if heart rate is below that value (in my case ~58-60bpm).

    Based on motion alone I get a lot of false positives during the day based on motion, if I'm at my desk for 30 min, or at the dentist, etc. (And then there's often a base level of ~50-80 reported even if I'm not wearing the watch...)

    I've been trying the heart rate plan and I still get false positives if the heart rate gives a 0 for whatever reason, so I've also considered holding onto the most recent nonzero for a while.

    I also considered trying to store min/max heart rate and basing sleep on the lowest 15th percentile. But for myself just setting a bpm is easy enough.

  • I suppose you tried tweaking the threshold settings that's already there?

    Not saying the suggestion is a bad one 🙂

  • Yep. It's a bit of a tight rope.
    Average motion when I'm actually asleep is about 125.
    Average motion during a movie or reading a book is about 102-180.
    Average heart rate when I'm asleep is 54.
    Average heart rate during a movie/reading is about 64.

    So using only motion, it comes down to consecutiveness, which can get close. But then if I read before bed, it counts it as sleep. And I tend to look at the app loader interface, rather than the watch app, so it doesn't cut out the mid-day things as well.

    I'm still testing this out, and if sleeplog works fine for everyone else, that's fine. Just wanted to make sure I mentioned it while they were thinking about how to sync it to gadgetbridge, and/or see if it was just a "I need to move more while reading" thing. :P

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SleepLog - Adding heart rate

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