haptic hardware driver

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  • So from what I understand neither the bangle 1 or 2 or any supported bangle device has a haptic driver. But devices like the pebble watch had a haptic driver. https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/drv260­3.pdf?ts=1711575201075

    Is there anything that would be useful to have this piece of hardware or is a properly configured pulsed pin perfect for most use cases.

  • So I actually think I misunderstood that chip for this chip. https://www.ti.com/product/DRV2605

    Which has a library of different haptic effects

  • There is a vibration motor which is turned on/off by toggling GPIO pin. You can set it or use PWM (analogWrite) to use it as you wish. Not sure what you are after. No other 'haptic hardware/driver' is there AFAIK.

  • Not really after anything. Just saw this chip from TI(2605) that does some fancy haptic effects and just wondering if they were at all useful for a watch.

    I've only had one example with this kind of thing on my Samsung s3. I had this meditation app that would have this cool ramp up vibration. The kind of ramp that would be a pain to make in software. But i dont know other cases where I know there was some fancy vibration on my watch.

  • There's a library at https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/b­lob/master/modules/buzz.js (and associated menu item at https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/b­lob/master/modules/buzz_menu.js) which allows you to choose from a set of different buzz patterns.

    I can understand maybe you want something fancy when driving an iPhone style haptic vibrator that's more like a voice coil than a motor, but when driving a motor, I think you can do whatever you want to do just by pulsing the GPIO pin in the right way, which can be done in software like above?

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haptic hardware driver

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