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    Ok, i'll give it a go. Thats a tight build if the compiler changed the size enough to make it not fit!

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    Sorry i must be doing something really dumb but this is what i'm doing.

    source scripts/provision.sh BANGLEJS

    • Expected 13.2.1
    • Got 10.3.1


    LD bin/espruino_2v21.84_banglejs.elf
    BANGLEJS bin/espruino_2v21.84_banglejs.elf
    python scripts/check_elf_size.py BANGLEJS bin/espruino_2v21.84_banglejs.elf
    Testing bin/espruino_2v21.84_banglejs.elf for BANGLEJS
    STORAGE: 0x60000000 -> 0x60400000
    FS DATA: 0x76db8 -> 0x76dc8 (16 bytes)
    FLASH_AVAILABLE: 0x76000
    CODE: 0x1f000 -> 0x76dc8 (359676 bytes)

    by 3528 bytes

    So what i'm tying to do seems very simple, i just want to flash bangle.js on a bangle 1 watch. Other then having a wrong gcc version, it should build?

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    So I'm connected to Vbus and ground on the power input. Also connected to the programmer pins connected to my pi Pico

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    That work great!

    Steps to reset NR52 Device

    • grab software here
    • The apps built in Rust so you'll need that plus Rust package manager cargo
    • also need "sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev librust-pkg-config-dev"
    • Then run nrf-recover

    Error i saw

    Error No supported probe was found - unplugged programmer device or not configured correctly

    Error Didn't receive any answer during batch processing: - most likely you have your i2c lines mixed up

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    So i wasn't even able to program it without the battery using my raspberry pi pico board. Don't know why? pico should be able to produce up to 300mA?

    But it doesn't really matter anyway because when reattached the battery and try and program it i get "Device has AP lock engaged". So i'll have to use a real segger programmer anyway and completely erase the chip.

    Will i be able to recharge the battery if i attach VDD?

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    So i disconnected the battery and i want to program a bangle 1.

    Just want to make sure what voltage is the VDD line for swd connection. Is it 3.3v or 5v

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    Not really after anything. Just saw this chip from TI(2605) that does some fancy haptic effects and just wondering if they were at all useful for a watch.

    I've only had one example with this kind of thing on my Samsung s3. I had this meditation app that would have this cool ramp up vibration. The kind of ramp that would be a pain to make in software. But i dont know other cases where I know there was some fancy vibration on my watch.