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  • I noticed when skiing the past few weeks that gadgetbridge assumes some big step counts. Would it be possible to edit the activity list to "ignore steps" when they weren't real? Ex: the 11936 step count was while I was skiing, that I'd like to "ignore" in gadgetbridge. I'd suggest not ignoring the other data points though, such as BPM etc.

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  • I suppose this was cross country skiing? Isn't it a comparable effort - in a way you do take steps while skiing?

  • It was downhill skiing so I'd say it's quite different. I'd imagine biking for instance might also get some weird step count data too, but I can't say I've tested that yet.

  • Ah, OK!

    I suggest you search for an answer.

    Or search the issues at­etbridge/issues - and maybe open a feature request issue there if you think it makes sense.

    The code regarding activity data is mostly shared across all devices in Gadgetbridge.

  • Awesome thanks for the direction. I'll proceed as you noted :)

  • One thing that could be considered on the bangle side, maybe you could preemptively tell the watch health app to disregard steps for a period of time. This could probably be implemented in a separate app, or integrated in the health app.

  • If that wouldn't be too much of a hassle to implement into the existing health app, I could see it being a worthwhile addition. I'll do some digging on my end too within the gadgetbridge links you provided and report back at a later time.

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Gadgetbridge Activity List Suggestion

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