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  • Ok, that's great - thanks!

    So I think the iPhone is sending the right UTF8 text - it's formatted as \u00XX because the code I sent output it as JSON, but if I put it into E.asUTF8 which is what the iOS app should do, it looks ok:

    "\xEC\x95\x88\xEB\x85\x95\xED\x95\x98\xE­C\x84\xB8\xEC\x9A\x94 \xEC\x84\xB8\xEC\x83\x81"
    >E.asUTF8("\xEC\x95\x88\xEB\x85\x95\xED\­x95\x98\xEC\x84\xB8\xEC\x9A\x94 \xEC\x84\xB8\xEC\x83\x81")
    ="\uC548\uB155\uD558\uC138\uC694 \uC138\uC0C1"

    I just realised I made a stupid mistake - originally I'd named the font library fonts but I renamed it to font, but the iOS app still checks to see if a library called fonts is enabled before passing UTF8 through!

    If you update with the dev app loader to iOS 0.18 now it should work! And you might as well remove 'custom boot code' to stop all your messages needing to get stored as well :)

  • @Gordon, it works!
    Thank you so much for fixing and updating the related apps so quickly.
    I love my Bangle and this community.
    고맙습니다. (Thank you in Korean)

  • That's great! Thanks for all the testing and reporting back!

    This isn't just Korean but should have improved the situation for anyone with a non-english Language that wants notifications too

  • @Gordon, in your reply in the post #10, you said:

    It should be possible to (very easily) clone fontall into fontkorean and use the utility to make a new font with just korean symbols in, but until we're sure everything works I'd rather not have too much duplication

    Could you let me know how to run the fontconverter to create a new font file to include only ASCii and Korean? I have some experiences with other languages like Arduino, but I'm very new to JavaScript, so I have no idea where to start. I took a look at the github pages, but still no clue where/how to run. If there is an instruction or guide, please let me know the link.


  • Ok, basically:

    and you're done. But you may need to install Node.js and NPM, run npm install pngjs and also download the plane0 font from­l and convert it to png file

    I can't really provide help if you hit issues with that though - after all, literally all it's going to do is save you 0.5-1MB of flash, it won't provide extra functionality

  • @Gordon, thank you so much for your help. I know it won't provide any extra functionality but save some flash. I wanted to learn JS and BangleApp development process (I know it will be only a small fraction of it).
    Thanks again, Gordon!!

  • @Gordon, thanks to your instruction, I could successfully reduce the file size. It's now 420kB for Korean and ASCii.
    At first, it didn't work and the file size was too small, 17kB, so I took a look at the unifont-15.1.05.png image and I found that the range for Korean in the fontconverter.js was wrong. The line #701 should be replaced with

    "Korean":  {range : [{ min : 32, max : 255 }, { min : 0x1100, max : 0x11FF }, { min : 0x3130, max : 0x318F }, { min : 0xA960, max : 0xA97F }, { min : 0xAC00, max : 0xD7FF }] }, //0xAC00 was 0xDCB0


  • Great! Thanks for tracking that down - i've just put that change in.

    It'd be great if you could do a PR for that new font

  • @Gordon, I'm not really familiar with Github stuff. I have been using Github only to provide/store some of my programs linked from my blog.
    Did you mean Pull Request by PR? I would appreciate if you could elaborate it.

  • Yes, I meant pull request - there's a tutorial on it here, showing you how to set up your own personal app loader, and then add an app to it:­oader

    You can ignore most of the stuff about metadata as you've already got the app set up - it's just a matter of uploading your files and then making a pull request.

    You can always try and get it set up in your own personal app loader and then send us the link to try out first

  • @Gordon, thank you for your detailed explanation as always.
    I was trying to make (copy parts of other's) a clock app and plan to make a golf GPS app soon (months or years?? :-)), so I made a fork of the App Loader already, but there hasn't been any progress since then.
    Thanks again and I hope I can contribute more actively to this amazing community.

  • @Gordon, could you please review following two apps I have added to my forked repository and let me know if I need to correct anything? I have tested both apps on my Bangle and worked fine.­font_korean­jclock

  • Thanks - yes, this looks good, but it'd be nice if the filename followed the same style as the other font apps like fontall and fontext - so just fontkorean and not font_Korean? It'd be nice if the README included the same text about how to recreate the font too.

    Basically the more similar you can make all the apps (same filenames/etc) the easier it'll be to maintain/compare them for other users.

    jclock seems really neat - all I'd say is as you have screenshots there it'd be nice to add them to the metadata so they show up in the app loader and not just the readme:­ab=readme-ov-file#screenshots

  • @Gordon, as always, thank you so much for your review and good advice. I will make the changes and open a PR.

    Is there an easy way to change the filename from font_Korean to fontKorean other than creating a new folder and adding files in there and delete the old one?

    One more question: I know this is a question about Github, but couldn't find a good answer from Google. For those two apps I made (copied from others :)) have so many commits while I was testing, adjusting, etc. I wonder if I need to clean up those commits before opening a PR. If so, how do you do that in web browser based Github?

  • Thanks - the PR looks great!

    If you're working with the repository in your PC itself then you can use the git mv apps/font_Korean apps/fontkorean command - but I'm not sure what's available on the Github website I'm afraid.

    Generally I'm not too bothered about having extra commits showing in the repo - but I guess if there are a bunch of single "rename X to Y" commits it's not ideal. I'm not sure if you can do it at your side, but it's just a quick button press when I click merge, so I just did it anyway.

  • Thanks again, Gordon.
    I'm currently using web browser based Github so can't use the commands. Can I?
    So, I just created a new folder and manually rename and move those files. It was not a big deal since there were not that many files to move.
    I really appreciate all your patient help and suggests.

  • I'm currently using web browser based Github so can't use the commands. Can I?

    No, I'm pretty sure you can't - and it doesn't look like there's anything built in for renaming folders (at least at first glance)

  • You should be able to do all that in a github codespace which is free to use for personal accounts for some time and data limits. But at that point I would probably install a VSCode or similar locally instead.

  • @Gordon and @halemmerich, thank you for your replies.

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Notification language

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