Low battery notifications by Gadgetbridge

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  • Hello,

    I'm using my bangle.js 2 in conjunction of Gadgetbridge (bangle.js branch), which works great.
    However, Gadgetbridge informs on low battery when the battery is at 25%. The threshold should be lower (configurable), as 25% still means two days left :-)
    In addition, the notification is repeated very often, although it was dismissed.

    Did I missed some configuration parameters?
    Or should I post this issue directly to the Gadgetbridge project?

    Thanks for you suggestions

  • Hi - the config for the low battery notification is down to Gadgetbridge, but yes, as far as I can see it's hard-coded to 30%. Someone would have to change Gadgetbridge to make it configurable.

    However, I don't understand why the notification is repeated - I checked again and there's specific code in there so that when it's not charging, Gadgetbridge's reported battery level only ever goes down. The only thing I can think is there might be repeated disconnects - like maybe your phone is shutting down Gadgetbridge every so often or you keep going out of range of your phone?

  • Hey @Gordon
    thanks for the quick reply.
    You may be right that the notification only happens after a reconnect from my watch to the phone. I put my phone into flight mode at night, so I get a notification at least once a day.

    It feels annoying within these two days. But let me check the next time when the watch is at 30% how often I really get the notification.

    But I got it right that the 30% is not a threshold introduced by the bangle.js integration but it is common for all devices supported by Gadgetbridge? In that case I might suggest the feature of configurable threshold to Gadgetbridge.

  • Also, see e.g. this conversation: https://forum.espruino.com/conversations­/379294/

    There are some solutions/workarounds in there that you might find helpful.

  • Thanks, I missed that thread.
    I'll check how it behaves at my side.

  • it is common for all devices supported by Gadgetbridge?

    I think so yes, but it looks like the Bangle.js Gadgetbridge code sets it to 30% as well. I've just tweaked Gadgetbridge so it goes down to 15% so hopefully when Gadgetbridge next updates you won't have issues.

  • @Gordon Thanks for changing the threshold. Is it for the Bangle.js fork of Gadgetbridge or also normal Gadgetbride?
    Besides, what is the difference between these two versions?

    Today, my watch hit the 30% threshold. This are some of the notifications I got:
    10:15 28%
    10:29 28%
    10:50 27%
    11:26 27%
    During the time I sat at my desk an my phone was laying on it.

    I'm using the latest bangle.js firmware and Bangle.js Gadgetbridge 0.76.1

  • Besides, what is the difference between these two versions?

    Some info here:

    Also here (maybe especially regarding nightly releases):

    You can find Gordons change among the commits to master branch of Gadgetbridge. It will be in both versions when they release next time.

  • I have pushed a release to the Play Store, so hopefully it'll be live in a few days with these changes.

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Low battery notifications by Gadgetbridge

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