Starfield Collectors Edition watch runs Espruino

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  • I managed to get the starting logo in colour again and learned why they dont do this anymore. I tried getting it full screen but it runs out of memory before i can get it to work.

    Edit2: reduced number of colours in raw file to reduce size and now i get a full colour logo across full screen. With a bit more optimisation like better downscaling and colour blocking i can defo get the image smaller

    Edit: using the 2x2 bayer pattern i manahed to get a full screen colour logo on startup

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  • Nice! Looks to me like the image only has a few colors, so you could use the Image Converter with maybe the 'Optimal 3 bit' palette to get the image in.

    Also I'm not sure how it's rendered but if it's just a file on the flash storage, it should be able to be rendered right off the flash memory (without ever being loaded to RAM)

  • Its rendered by creating an image object during boot and the data for which is stored in logo-white.js to save me time editing i just kept logo white (its used elsewhere not just in boot) the same. Then just copied the image object into the boot code. The one i posted i cant remember if i kade it 4 bit or 3 bit bit it was about 5000bytes for the full screen one

  • Ok - well, the easiest option is try uploading the image direct to a file using the IDE's Storage button (it gives you the same image converter menu).

    Then you can just do img = require("Storage").read("myimage.img") and render it that way, and it comes straight from flash

  • ah ill definitely do that because the thing is tight for space as is, i wonder why they dont do that by default, cant imagine its slow enough to cause any issues.

    Is there a way to tell how much memory/flash is left from the ide?

  • Is there a way to tell how much memory/flash is left from the ide?

    for storage space type require("Storage").getFree() in console - left side of IDE­rage_getFree

  • Does anyone have original firmware for the watch? Mine is corrupt. I can get into DFU mode, so could flash with the NRF tools.... However I cannot track down a firmware package to install.

  • Thank you! I was able to flash this and am up and running again!

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Starfield Collectors Edition watch runs Espruino

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