Media control? How?

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  • I'm a new banglejs2 owner, and I'm excited to get started. One thing I am missing right now is how to play/pause media on my android from the watch.

  • gbmusic should work if you only want to control media, but maybe have a look at Android Integration first, for more extensive Android support (including music).

  • I have the Android integration installed, but I don't see how to actually control music/audio.

  • That should automatically have installed the Message UI app ("Messages"), which contains music controls.

    (I'm assuming you already installed Gadgetbridge on your phone and connected it to your watch)

  • I am using a podcast app called pocketcasts, and I can start playing it on my phone but see no way of interacting on my Bangle

  • Ok, so I have now discovered a media message in the messages list, but! it is very wonky, taking the last youtube video title but playing the other audio app... I suspect some of this is down to the way that my samsung phone has multiple media 'slots' for the notifications control.

  • The displayed metadata is quite wonky. Is there any way to improve this? I guess I should start by checking the logs?

  • I mostly use Podcast Addict Remote and Remote for Spotify for my needs nowadays, but I feel like the music controls in Messages UI were more stable a while back. So if you can help see what's happening now that would be good I think :)

    I've also thought about doing some PR's to how things are done in Messages UI with regards to music. But haven't got around to it since there are other things I felt like doing first.

  • You can log GadgetBridge messages using the Messages Debug app.

    Music state is tricky as there is quite some variety in what info various media players report (and even when). That is e.g. why the watch updates the current music info when it gets a new message, instead of completely throwing away old info. I can definitely see that messing things up when there are multiple player notifications.

    I haven't looked at the Gadgedbridge music code, but I'm thinking maybe it could be changed to include the name of the media player.

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Media control? How?

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