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    Nice, and using setTime is a nice touch.
    Why can't it use getPixel to get a "real" screenshot?

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    Not having the ability to screenshot on the Bangle feels like a big issue

    For most apps like clocks using the emulator would probably work, but maybe "adding screenshots is a good idea" should be documented a bit more? It's easy to overlook for people who just spent a lot of time staring at the app while developing it.
    (Somewhat off-topic: a nice addition might be some way to specify a single screenshot per app which is displayed right away in the list of apps.)

    Download stats would definitely be nice to see, but you run the risk of a feedback loop where people keep downloading the most downloaded apps.
    Maybe the About page could get a button to "Participate in survey", to submit currently installed apps? That way it's opt-in, and the idea is that people submit their setup once they are happy with it, so you won't count e.g. five HRMs per user while they try them all out.
    (And because they are submitted as set, you could even suggest apps "often used together")

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    My app for music-playback on Android (MortPlayer Music, a folder-based player) has the option to watch for multiple play/pause presses to change to next/previous song (2x and 3x) and next/previous folder (4x and 5x).

    I could add a setting to disable 2x/3x presses, making it just pass on all presses as play/pause directly. But it looks like the app also responds to long-pressing, and that's not going to work through GadgetBridge. Do you need those to work as well?
    Meaning I'd be happy to add the setting (it won't be much work) but if you're going for https://banglejs.com/apps/#hidmsic anyway please say so and I won't bother ;-)


    the BangleApps repo isn't automatically updated - I manually do it maybe once a week.

    Right, that makes total sense.

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    I can no longer change an album/music folder by clicking four times on BTN2

    Clicking four times never did anything: it's two times for next (and once for play/pause, three for previous)

    Something weird seems to be going on though, as (at least for me) https://banglejs.com/apps/#gbmusic shows v0.03 as the latest version, instead of v0.04. (even if I download https://banglejs.com/apps/apps.json directly)
    The "disable touch controls" setting was only added in v0.04, so my guess would be that whatever weirdness happened might have caused v0.03 to be installed on your watch.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    That does sound like too much bother (for now), guess I'll just stick with a "try not to assign buttons that are already in use" message.

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    Is there any way to get a list of listeners created by setWatch()?

    I was thinking about creating a global listener, so it would be nice if it could do something like

      // check only this function is listening
      if (getWatches(BTN1).length === 1) doCoolStuff();
    }, BTN1);

    And that would allow me to doCoolStuff by pressing BTN1 from e.g. most clocks, but without interfering with apps that actually use BTN1.

    And I guess the same question for Bangle.on()? (Because I just realized it would be neat to swipe from the clock to settings/launcher)

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    An advantage of running it in Bangle.js would be that you could choose to actually draw some of them, e.g. if a notification only consists of a smiley. (or use it as icon if it's the first/last character)
    On the other hand: there are tons of them, I guess phone-side you might be able to run a more complete translation?