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    Sorry for being a bit quiet about issues, somehow I expected to get things done during the holiday, but so far I haven't actually gotten round to coding at all :-(
    Hopefully I'll get some fixes in next week though.

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    I don't have Signal installed.
    Could you maybe install messagesdebug, and post the log after you get some broken messages?

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    Actual distance would be tricky, a simpler option might be to make the watch alert you when the Bluetooth connection is lost. Not sure how long it takes for the watch to notice that if not sending anything though?

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    Do you want to add it to the main app loader now it can go in without conflicting?

    I've still got some items on my TODO list before I'd feel happy adding it to the public app store.
    Shouldn't take too long though: now the library stuff is sorted out, I'm planning to mostly just remove/disable Stuff, and it can be added/fixed/improved later.

    have some code in the app loader to automatically uninstall 'conflicting' apps first?

    I hadn't thought of that, but maybe we should indeed have that first:
    For the initial installation just saying "Uninstall Message UI, then install this app" in the README seems fine, but (un)installing different messagegui apps can lead to Interesting problems later on if anybody gets the order wrong.

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    Updated to reflect recent changes (message library, fast loading)
    I also renamed it to "Message List"(messagelist), it now lives here, as alternative to messagegui: installation procedure is now simply

    1. Install default message library/apps
    2. Uninstall "Message UI"(messagegui)
    3. Install "Message List"(messagelist)

    (After the initial installation you can skip step 1+2 when "updating".)

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    it probably would be preferable to not clear the background of the widget bar at all - since I think nearly every widget already clears the background itself anyway.

    Things would go Wrong when widgets are hidden/removed/resized though.

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    or setUI({back}) on Bangle.js 1 ends up being a bit useless

    I don't think it's quite that bad: touching the left-hand side of the screen works fine, and most apps do use the buttons anyway. But for those that don't, it would be nice if this worked.

    BTN2 seemed natural, but now you mention BTN3, that would make sense
    short-press: go back
    long-press: go all the way back

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    Right, I can see why we want to avoid changing Bangle.setUI.

    But as far as I can tell on Bangle.js 1:

        Bangle.setUI({mode:"clock",back:function­() {

    opens the launcher (instead of the clock) when you press the middle button.


        Bangle.setUI({mode:"custom",back:functio­n() {

    does nothing for button presses.

    So we end up needing something like this:

            back: function() { 
                // Bangle.js 2 also calls this for button presses
            btn: global.BTN2 ? function(b) { 
                if (b==2) Bangle.showClock(); // only needed for Bangle.js 1
            } : undefined

    Bangle.js 2 setUI checks if there are any button listeners, and assigns the back function otherwise, Bangle.js 1 doesn't :-(

    Maybe we could add similar code to the Bangle.js 1 setUI:

        Bangle.on("touch", touchHandler);
        if (Bangle.btnWatches===undefined) // only add back button handler if there are no existing watches
    	    btnWatch = setWatch(function() {
    	      btnWatch = undefined;
    	    }, BTN2, {edge:"falling"});
        // and in widget.remove:
        if (btnWatch) clearWatch(btnWatch);

    But I suppose that would lead to the same problem of it not working in older firmware... (On the other hand: it doesn't work now either, so apps that already assign their own BTN2 listeners should be fine?)

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    I'm not really sure I understand the reasoning behind making the weather app behave differently to every other app (going to launcher instead of the clock)

    Probably because I just copied it from some clock code without thinking too much about it ;-)
    And after that we just kept preserving existing behaviour, which is how we ended up with Bangle.setUI("clock");delete Bangle.CLOCK;

    my preference would be to make 'back' go back to the clock.

    Yes, I agree.
    Maybe we should even add a Bangle.setUI("app") mode, where the middle button goes back to the clock?