Bangle not showing up

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  • Okay so a while ago I could connect my Bangle.js 2 to my laptop (Fedora Workstation) just fine. Today I can't.
    It works on an Android device and a Chromebook. Heck, it even showed up 3 times in Settings and allowed me to connect to it in the IDE once. BUT NOW IT'S NOT WORKING.
    Other Bluetooth devices work just fine. Advice?

  • Hmm, got something like this last week as well. Been looking into it some with @Gordon following this comment on an issue on github:­oaderCore/pull/48#issuecomment-164110908­2

    I have not been able to solve it, with different behaviors at different times. Currently it will connect for an instant disconnecting immediately.

    Maybe I should try one of the older kernels.

    Maybe you'll have some luck with what I did in the second edit on this comment:­oaderCore/pull/48#issuecomment-166012838­1

  • I followed those instructions. After 2 minutes, it showed up in Settings, and I was able to connect with the IDE successfully. Hopefully it keeps working.

  • Ok, I think it's the newer kernels that's acting up not liking the bangle for some reason. Maybe it's something general with Bluetooth LE on those that's bugging out.

    The last stable kernel for me seems to be 6.3.12-200 fc38. x86_64 (as seen in my grub menu).

  • Just a note that someone had this issue with Manjaro too:­ssues/2913

    So it's Bluetooth on Broadcom devices? Feels like quite a bit thing to get broken - let's hope it's solved soon!

  • I'm not sure what my bluetooth chip is. The modalias is usb:v1D6Bp0246d0544.

  • Now I can't connect to my Bangle on my Chromebook either - it shows up, but just immediately disconnects. Only my phone works (which is inconvenient).

  • And now my phone is having the same problem with immediately disconnecting :/

  • Was able to reflash the firmware, same problem on chromebook but I was able to connect to it once from my phone and laptop

  • That's an odd one - is it possible you have some code running on your bangle that is causing the disconnect?

    What if you reboot holding the button all the way through until all you see is the Bangle.js logo (or the recovery menu on new fw) - that way no extra code would be run and it'd be interesting to see if you still have a problem then

  • @KTibow Did you keep a stable kernel on your system that you've been using? As I said before 6.3.12 is the latest one that is stable for me.

  • I just noticed on kernel 6.6.4-200.fc39.x86_64 and Fedora Workstation 39 it seems like maybe bluetooth is behaving for me again - crossing fingers.

    Has it started working for you @KTibow?

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Bangle not showing up

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