Espruino 2v18 released

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  • It's new release time - a few nice improvements this time:


    • JIT compiler supports more language and is now built into all Official Espruino boards (apart from the Original)
    • OneWire now works reliably on nRF52 alongside Bluetooth (ops are scheduled between Bluetooth transmissions)
    • STM32 fixed occasional neopixel glitches caused by pin state change
    • Fix waveform input/output when not done at system start (a regression since 2v13)
    • Add Serial.flush() to allow us to wait for transmission on a device to finish
    • Added g.floodFill() method to allow flood fill
    • Added E.stopEventPropagation() to allow event propagation to be stopped with multiple X.on('...', ...)
    • Modified E.toString to always return a String (not necessarily flat) - fixes occasion errors in Bangle.js clocks that use it when setting up fonts, and add E.toFlatString for old behaviour
    • g.asImage() and g.drawImage(gfx) now use palette+transparent fields if they exist in a Graphics object
    • You can now send advertisements while connected with NRF.setAdvertising({},{whenConnected:tru­e})
    • Add NRF.on('bond'/'advertising') events
    • Many other bugfixes for memory/stability/compatibility issues

    Bangle.js 2

    • Fixed the 'Ghosting' issue that happened after the welcome message
    • Switched to proprietary heart rate algorithm which does a much better job when moving around
    • Now auto-reset compass if it was on while the watch was charging
    • If a Storage file called '.loading' exists, use that instead of the loading screen - there's now an app to set this up
    • Ensure overlays are flipped when screen is flipped 180 degrees (eg. left-handed mode) - fixes swipe-on widgets used in some clocks now


    • Fixed crashes on reset/load
    • Enable XON/XOFF flow control (IDE can now not add pauses, so uploads quicker)
    • Bluetooth UART connection enabled by default
    • Bluetooth advertising name is now Espruino abcd
  • Nice!

  • You can now send advertisements while connected --> great!

  • Great!

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Espruino 2v18 released

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