• Does anyone know if it is possile to have a single link to the Assisted GPS App that would automatically
    upload the gps hints ?

    The app is here

    I am thinking of something like

    That would enable me to put the URL on the desktop on my phone and avoid all that fumbling about to get the gps hints sent.

    I dont use GadgetBridge consistantly so its not an option ATM.

  • I agree, not only for GPS but for other apps as well it would be nice to automatically invoke an interface.

  • I'd be happy to add a &customise option to the URL. &readme would be cool too.

    But I guess you'd like one step further, to make it automatically upload as the assisted GPS page loaded?

    My concern is that Web Bluetooth has this annoying thing where is requires there to have been a user input on the page before it will allow you to connect to a device. So in the case where we just went straight to the assisted GPS window (which needs a connection) it wouldn't actually save you any clicks :(

  • upload as the assisted GPS page loaded?

    No just a way of saving the fumbling about on the phone. I would still expect to have to go through the Bluetooth connection dialogue via the browser pop up. The key part for me is to skip finding the app and the selection dialog in the existing interface.

  • What I'm getting at is right now you have to go to https://banglejs.com/apps/?id=assistedgp­s and click on the 3 bars icon, and that pops up the bluetooth menu.

    But for that Bluetooth menu to pop up at all, you have to have pressed something on the screen.

    So realistically the only thing we could do to make it less painful is to effectively replace that small button with a big button that covers the whole screen to avoid you having to scroll or press the small area.

    But we can't avoid you having to press a button before the bluetooth menu pops up

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Assisted GPS desktop url for downloading AGPS/ gps hints

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