• Recently I have been trying out Android + GadgetBridge again after giving up with it all a while back.

    Things are much improved. Eg I can now see a battery chart that works and steps etc.

    However I have realised that the way steps are being recorded on GadgetBridge is wrong in my opinion.
    What seems to be happening is that the Bangle is generating a step event and sending it to the phone.
    Therefore the only way this could ever be accurate would be if you carry your phone round in your pocket next to your Bangle all day so that every step event will also be captured by your phone. So if you happen to go for a short walk and not take your phone those 1150 steps taking the dog out will not be counted on the phone. So very quickly the step count on GadgetBridge is wrong.

    How I think it should work is that the step event being sent to GadgetBridge should be the total steps value as recorded by the Bangle as Bangle.getHealthStatus("day").steps. The phone should not be attempting to count the step events but instead be taking the master total value from the Bangle.

  • What seems to be happening is that the Bangle is generating a step event and sending it to the phone.

    It is actually using the health info: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/b­lob/master/apps/android/boot.js#L233

    But it's sending an update every 10 minutes with the steps during that 10 minutes (because that's what Gadgetbridge expects).

    But yes, if you're not connected during that period then Gadgetbridge doesn't get that data.

    There's an issue open for this at https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i­ssues/718 which would solve it - basically allowing Gadgetbridge to request historical data.

    If we moved to 'steps per day' then it would kind of patch it up, but it would then make it impossible to do what's suggested there which would fill in the health info at a later date.

  • ok, understood. I'm not using the health app atm.

    I read #718. I think maybe if a limit is placed on how much historiical data you can transfer was set to something sensible like 7,10 days then it could be made to work.

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Bangle GadgetBridge and step counting - out of step

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