Global widget hiding

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  • Right now a bunch of clocks either never show widgets, or have a setting to toggle them.
    As far as I can tell, this is all about display preference, so how would people feel about making it a global setting instead?

    My proposal would be to aim for:

    1. A global "Clock Widgets" setting:
      • Always Visible
      • When Unlocked (Bangle.js 2 only)
      • On Swipe Down (Bangle.js 2 only)
      • On Tap
      • Always Hidden
    2. Remove all per-clock "hide/load widgets" settings

    I'm asking because I figured it wouldn't be too hard to create some boot-app that uses widget_utils to (kind of) do 1. But without cleaning out the apps it would increase the mess of settings even more, and I expect it will need some app support, which feels a bit out of place if it's just for some optional app.

  • Honestly, I feel like it's a step too far at the moment. Most of the clocks use hard-coded positions or manually hide widgets, so I think they would pretty much all need modifying to make them work.

    Not to mention some clocks look better with widgets, some without. I can pretty much guarantee the first question after we add a global setting is "can I configure it per-clock"?

    Maybe for now a solution would be to add some extra functionality to widget_utils...

    So for buzz we have buzz and also buzz_menu that lets you easily add an option to your app's settings page. We could do the same here - so there's a method in widget_utils that basically does whatever was configured in settings.

    Then it's more or less a one-liner in the clock, and a one-liner in the clock's settings.

    If there is call for a global setting, it'd just be a matter of changing widget_utils and all the pre-modified clocks would just switch over to it automatically.

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Global widget hiding

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