Consistent capitalisation of menu items

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  • I tend to capitalise my menus like this:

    Title of My Menu

    • Item one
    • Item two
    • Do something >

    But I notice a lot of apps do this:

    Title of My Menu

    • Item One
    • Item Two
    • Do Something >

    Either way would be fine with me, but having them both annoys me a bit.

    Can we maybe "officially" decide on a standard? I'm thinking that could mean

    • Accept PRs that fix existing texts to conform to the standard
    • Don't complain about new texts: we don't want to bother (new) contributors with stuff like this
    • (Maybe) Do complain about PRs that change existing text so it no longer conforms
    • (Maybe) Mention it somewhere as being the "preferred" style (but in no way mandatory)
  • Sounds like a good idea to get something consistent - and we can stick it in the file and maybe if we have a tutorial on menus, stick it in there?

    Personally I like the second option more and I think it makes it easier to see at a glance. But what do others think?

  • I prefer the first option, as that keeps a nice distinction between header and content

    Title of My Menu

    Item one
    Item two
    Do something >

  • I second the above comment.

    While we're on this topic, it would be very nice to somehow establish a standard for some other things:

    • side button as "back" instead of "confirm"
    • standardized haptic feedback
    • usage of screen-edge buttons as opposed to buttons near the bottom of the screen (easier to hit)

    Obviously these things wouldn't be required, just suggested. The Bangle.js platform as a whole could use a slight brushing up when it comes to UX practices.

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Consistent capitalisation of menu items

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