Espruino Web IDE stuck on "SENDING..."

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  • I'm trying to test a JS program on the Bangle.js emulator. When I start emulating, the green bar fills all the way and then stops. The page then becomes unresponsive.
    Here ( is a screenshot. The image tab didn't work for some reason, so I'm placing it here.

    How can I fix this?

    Edit: IDE shows cascading message "Execution interrupted", if that helps.

  • I'd need to see your code, but I'd guess that maybe you've sent something that's either using up a lot of RAM or taking a long time to execute, or both.

    Have you tried saving the code to a File rather than RAM - that can help:

    But judging by your other questions I'd be a bit concerned you're trying to run code that was designed for a desktop computer on the Bangle's relatively constrained processor, and that could cause you a bunch of problems

  • Hey there Gordon, thanks for the reply. I'm sorry I couldn't respond earlier.

    The issue was infinite recursion.

    I was making a timetabling and scheduling app for the Bangle.js 1 and 2 (lesson plans, etc.). It was my project for college. The program searches a JSON file for the next event - which it determines by checking the associated timecode against the current time. One of my subroutines was filtering out the events that came before the current time while ignoring the date - so when I check my watch at 11 pm (a time when I never have anything scheduled) it ignores all events in subsequent days that come before 11 - so it kept searching through the calendar forever.

    It's all fixed now. The application works very well. You're in the Special Thanks section in my project write-up! Cheers!

  • Great - thanks! Glad it's all working now - and I hope your project is well received!

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Espruino Web IDE stuck on "SENDING..."

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