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    Hey there Gordon, thanks for the reply. I'm sorry I couldn't respond earlier.

    The issue was infinite recursion.

    I was making a timetabling and scheduling app for the Bangle.js 1 and 2 (lesson plans, etc.). It was my project for college. The program searches a JSON file for the next event - which it determines by checking the associated timecode against the current time. One of my subroutines was filtering out the events that came before the current time while ignoring the date - so when I check my watch at 11 pm (a time when I never have anything scheduled) it ignores all events in subsequent days that come before 11 - so it kept searching through the calendar forever.

    It's all fixed now. The application works very well. You're in the Special Thanks section in my project write-up! Cheers!

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    This may sound strange, but connecting my phone's WebBLE app to the watch did the trick! I downloaded updates from the app loader and I can now connect to any device normally.
    Edit: Never mind, it won't connect anymore.

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    Hey again Gordon, I have the following on the top of my file.


    Still when I try to run my program on my Bangle.js 1 it returns Uncaught Error: Module FontTeletext10x18Mode7 not found.
    I have tried using adding it on both the right and left-hand sides of the IDE. The left side gives me the same error.

    What can I do?

    EDIT: I solved it, I was uploading the JS file when I should have run it through the IDE.

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    I decided to update the firmware from v2.10 to v2.13 this evening. When I connected my phone to the watch via nRF Toolbox as usual, I started the update. There was a failure. Every time I hit retry my phone reads '(number e.g. 3072) bytes were sent while 0 bytes were reported as recieved'.
    The watch eventually refreshes and reads BANK0 invalid.
    I can't reload the watch back to normal, so I keep retrying. The progress bar gradually fills up by a few millimetres every time I hit retry, so I keep going until the update is finished.
    I can no longer connect to anything via bluetooth. I have tried a factory reset, I've tried rolling back the firmware (no such luck). I can access the launcher and clock face, but as soon as I try and connect to the web IDE or the app loader from any computer in the house I get a prompt saying "disconnected".

    I look at the settings console in the web IDE and see

    BT> SEND ERROR: NotSupportedError: GATT operation failed for unknown reason.
    BT> Disconnected (gattserverdisconnected)
    Disconnect callback... {"port":"Bangle.js 75cd", "portName":"Bangle.js 75cd"}
    WARNING: [notify_warn] Disconnected from Bangle.js 75cd

    These past few weeks I've been working on a programming project for college using both Bangle.js models, the deadline is incoming and I've really hit a wall. The program is working perfectly but I need a working watch to download and present it.

    Is there anything I can do? Any help would be most greatly appreciated.