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    Hey Robin, thank you for reading!

    This is really strange, I tried connecting this afternoon and everything worked perfectly.
    You are absolutely right about the Bangle device. It's a Bangle.js 1.0.

    I also ran the commands you gave me:

      VERSION: "2v09",
      GIT_COMMIT: "7247a2c4",
      FLASH: 524288, SPIFLASH: 4194304, STORAGE: 4194304, RAM: 65536,
      SERIAL: "c3f57bae-4b29eb8b",
      CONSOLE: "Bluetooth",
      MODULES: "Flash,Storage,hea" ... "tensorflow,locale",
      EXPTR: 536882372 }
    ={ free: 782, usage: 1318, total: 2100, history: 30,
      gc: 0, gctime: 5.06591796875, blocksize: 16, stackEndAddress: 536922336, flash_start: 0,
      flash_binary_end: 457148, flash_code_start: 1610612736, flash_length: 524288 }

    Do you see anything of note, or was this probably random?

    (Thanks again!)

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    Today I tried connecting to the web IDE to upload a new JSON file to storage. I clicked the button on the top-left corner and selected my device from the menu. It connects. I click the storage icon, but the loading bar reaches the halfway and promptly disconnects. I try this with other browsers and the same thing happens. I then try connecting to the app loader but it isn't able to connect at all.

    This issue persists even after reloading default settings.
    Before disconnecting, the dev console gives me the following error message:

    BT> SEND ERROR: NotSupportedError: GATT operation failed for unknown reason.

    How can I fix this?

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    Is it possible for us to also add more RAM to it?

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    Ah, I see. A real shame indeed. My Bangle's settings show both Beep: Vibrate and Beep: Piezo as selectable options. It's set on Beep: Piezo at the moment. You're also completely right, they both do sound similar and the piezo is slightly louder.
    At least it'll still have a motor.
    Thanks for the help, Gordon.

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    Hey, I learned recently of the upcoming Bangle.js 2.0 and I eagerly checked the specifications that Gordon uploaded to the website. It all looks really impressive, but I noticed no mention of a piezoelectric speaker.

    My current Bangle.js 1.0 came with a piezo, and it's been really satisfying to play around with and use in my own applications.

    Is there any possibility of a future release of Bangle.js 2.0 units that include a speaker?