Any news on nextgen Espruino WiFi ?

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  • Thanks MaBe,

    Thank you for checking! Now I understand the reason. I think most sites no longer support TLS 1.0/1.1 and TLS 1.2 will be deprecated soon. Unfortunately, the ESP8266 cannot be used for this purpose. An ugly solution. but useful is the http_to_https proxy.

  • this was the solution I use long time ago for testing.­s

  • Thank you very much MaBe!

  • @MaBe, how do you make requests through a proxy server from espruino?

  • My REST API example:

    var options = {
      protocol: "http:",
      method: 'POST',
      host: 'XXXX.XXXX.XXXX.XXXX',  // Proxy IP
      path: '', // Landing URL
      port: 8888,
      pathname: "restpath",
      search: null,
      query: null,
      headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", "Content-Length": content.length }
    var req = require("http").request(options, function (res) {
      var d = "";
      res.on('data', function (data) { if (d.length < 8) d += data; });
      res.on('close', function (data) { callback(); });
    req.on('error', function (e) {
      } catch (f) {
  • btw, I had problems with simple proxy, but the Squid proxy works very well

  • Thanks for sharing @Geza - Yes, this is the way you use those proxy

  • Do you know this?­110-nrf52840-me25LS01#pro-detail
    Maybe this could be the basis of the new official Espruino Wifi.
    (And then the esp32 could be completely forgotten.)

  • How is this related to esp32 and why it should be forgotten? From the basic info this can't do Wi-Fi, it can only passively scan (GPS and) Wi-Fi to determine location. And BTW they have wrong info about RAM, 52840 has only 256KB so maybe other info can be wrong too.

  • I think probably I'd make nRF52840 the basis of a new Espruino WiFi, but as @fanoush mentioned I don't think that module will do WiFi in any way other than just being able to scan for APs - so there would have to be a separate WiFi module.

    Personally I'd quite like to just use an ESP32-C3 on its own, but it's hard to make it decently low power without losing the contents of RAM and having a long wakeup time - so the nRF52840 would be good from that point of view. It's just a shame they're so expensive at the moment

  • Unfortunately, I didn't read the wifi functions carefully.

    esp32 is a memory and energy eater, currently unsuitable for "mobile" operation. BLE is unusable, unstable and unreliable.

    I would choose a low-power, very reliable controller as an "official" device. For example the NRF52840 (I really like the Espruino MDBT42Q) with a Wifi (ESP) modul and with a mosfet "switch".

  • An excellent thought.

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Any news on nextgen Espruino WiFi ?

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