Any news on nextgen Espruino WiFi ?

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  • Hello to all,

    is there any raw estimations on when we could expect new version of Espruino WiFi board?
    Summer? Autumn? Happy New 2023 year? :)

    (sorry if any - I'm a newbie in this forum).

  • Hi - right now it's looking like winter 2022.

    Bangle.js is keeping me pretty busy, and the semiconductor shortage is still a nightmare - even if I had a design ready to manufacture right now it'd still take me 6 months or more just to get the components needed to manufacture it :(

  • Thanks for the reply!
    It helps me to choose right base component for my private project (variometer for flying). Ideally, I wish to use WiFi based controller, but so far I will start with MDBT42Q until nextgen Espruino WiFi is ready.

  • I'd love to see a STEMMA QT / QWIIC connector for taking advantage of the Adafruit/Sparkfun ecosystem of modules. In our teaching context, it's useful when students don't have to fuss with wiring diagrams and soldering.

  • Thanks -actually a while back I did spend a lot of time trying to get Grove ( working - which seems to be an older version of what Sparkfun/Adafruit have done:­dafruit-stemma-qt/seeed-studio-grove

    The Puck does have a compatible pinout on it, and I was at one point looking at creating a board with connectors right on it. Sadly there was very little interest in it, but I could definitely look at ensuring there was the possibility of soldering a connector on to the board.

  • @Gordon: what's the recommended alternative for espruino wifi (when BT is not an option) at the moment? thx!

  • That's a tricky one. Probably an MDBT42 breakout plus an ESP8266, but it's hard to do HTTPS with that

  • +1 for a STEMMA or Grove "standard" connector. That would be marvellous for IoTKG. I would think, STEMMA is preferable as it is also compatible with DF Robot Gravity.­dafruit-stemma-qt/dfrobot-gravity

    On a related note, can you already reveal anything about the new board, Gordon? From my perspective, the Puck is embedded perfection, it's just missing Wifi. A Wifi+BLE Puck would be just the thing!

  • can you already reveal anything about the new board

    Not really - honestly I haven't spent any time on new hardware yet this year because I've been pretty swamped with other stuff. With the semiconductor shortage I'm still iffy about designing new hardware, because I'll be doing it based on the chips I can buy (rather than the best chips) and then we have to live with those decisions for the life of the product.

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Any news on nextgen Espruino WiFi ?

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