Espruino 2v13 released

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  • Another big release! Full change list is at but the highlights are:

    • Big RAM usage improvements (especially for arrow functions)
    • 3% speed improvemt
    • Added String.concat
    • Bangle.js 2 has a much improved Menu UI
    • You can now do g.fillRect({x,y,x2,y2,r}) for rounded rectangles
    • String.toUpperCase() and .toLowerCase() now work for accented ISO8859-1 characters
    • Bangle.js 1+2: Add 'back' option to E.showMenu, E.showScroller and Bangle.setUI
    • Bangle.js 2: Update E.showPrompt with a bigger touchable area around buttons
    • Util Timer now runs independently of system time. More accurate on nRF52
    • Bangle.js: Battery discharge curve is now scaled better
    • Bangle.js: If home button held and JS is still executing, force a break (like Ctrl-C)
    • Bangle.js 2: Add visual feedback when showPrompt button is pressed
    • Fix another potential Storage compaction issue
    • Bangle.js: default 'locale' now supports second 'dp' argument for decimal places
      nRF5x: Fix merging of packets for NRF.findDevice
    • Bangle.js2: Unistroke recognition accuracy improvements

    To get it:

  • Nice!

    Bangle.js 2: Add 'back' option

    Probably worth mentioning this was also added to Bangle.js 1. (i.e. no need to worry about incompatibilities)

  • Probably worth mentioning this was also added to Bangle.js 1.

    Just done :)

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Espruino 2v13 released

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