New Bangle.js 2 menu system

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  • Don't know if caused by new menus system, but found wrong behavior in Accel Logger using 2v13 on bangle 1:

    • After freshly starting Accel Log everything works as intended (especially selecting File Nr)
    • After doing one recording (start, stop) one is back in the menu
    • but now menu doesn't work proper anymore. Eg. File Nr can no longer be changed.
    • can be cured by leaving app and starting again (not critical therefore)
  • That's very strange. I just tried it and it works here for me.

    • Start app
    • Change log number
    • record start/stop
    • Change log number
    • record start/stop
    • Change log number

    all ok... Do you think you could record a video? Maybe you're doing something slightly different to me...

  • Yes I can do that. Normal video or Is there some kind of screen record?

  • No screen record I'm afraid - just a normal video...

  • Ahh, thanks! Sorry, because the title said New Bangle.js 2 menu system I assumed this was on Bangle.js 2.

    I'll have a go on Bangle.js 1 and see what the problem is :)

  • Thanks! Just fixed! Actually this seems to have been a problem for any app that uses the Layout library. I've just updated the library so if you reinstall the app, everything should be fine now I hope.

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New Bangle.js 2 menu system

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