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    Glitch - special to Circles Clock or hint to general problem?
    Wanted to try out cutting edge 2.15.93. Got also 6 app updates (including launcher and circles clock now 0.16). So don't know really whether firmware or app is to blame.
    Now if going back from launcher via button only the left circle is visible, rest of clock face is missing. Going back with tap on upper left arrow works fine.
    This is reproducible here, also after a reboot.

    @Gordon Not a big deal for me. Wanted to let you know in case this is symptom of some general problem before it goes into a stable 2.16

    [Update]: Hmm, now bootloader was updated (was not shown before?)
    Now effect seems gone.

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    Have a look here, that might be an example of what you search (access and graph raw and filtered online at watch display)
    (just paste to WebIDE and send to watch to try)

    In case you don`t know: there is a recorder app that does record the raw PPG data from the watch directly to a csv on PC or phone:
    You can also check that code as an example.

    if you need to dig deeper, check the HRM calculation from raw in C here:

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    I very much appreciate you caring about privacy and thinking about it from the get go.
    Actually privacy concerns with other watches is what brought me to bangle!
    So I would vote against enable by default and for a pop up (if upcomming once and not every time).

    That said, knowing your intents and pseudonomisation I am happy to provide data here. I did turn on, re-connected, then off again. Not sure though if that was enough (guess so from your ">Pretty much all of the above")

    What I personally would like most is a button: "Send now" (which could be annotated with explanation of what data, how anonymized and how used).
    Maximal control, transparency and ease.

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    Would also be interesting to feed test data to that blob to see how it compares (as kind of a "at least that is actually possible" SOTA).
    Could that blob maybe somehow integrated into the test harness ? @Gordon
    [in case it does not actually set registers, which I don't know]

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    Thanks a lot @user140377.
    Have made links to your analysis and literature from my summary.

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    H10 works perfectly well. Also does not drain much energy.
    Haven't specifically measured, but remember have worn it for hiking whole day and didn't see much difference (without GPS!).
    Update: used recorder app

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    According to the picture the battery was very low. Did you charge it since then?

    But sorry then I am not expert enough to help here.
    The ultimate expert @Gordon is in vacation right now (http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­376356/#comment16540081),
    but hopefully somebody else has advice earlier.

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    Did you try a long press (press button for ~10sec).
    Release immediately after you see the "watchdog" screen - before the <==== appear (if you are too late, no problem - just repeat).
    That should reboot the device.

    If you run into the same problem again, you may check the "more" tab at https://banglejs.com/apps/ . There you can remove all apps and install default apps.
    You can always install apps again later after you see hardware running ok with the basic apps.
    If you search for "firmware" in the library tab at above link you can also find the firmware updater there.

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    No problem.

    How long does the monitor typically to take good measurements

    There is a median filter at the end (of 8 measurements if I remember right).
    So it should forget history after time of 8 measurements + FIR lenght right now.