Bangle.js 2: Color wheel

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  • I made my diploma in physics more than three decades ago.

    I have always found people who has done physics or maths make exceptionally good software developers.

    Your bolted hands are a thing of beauty. You have significantly raised the bar of what is possible.

    Ccould you turn your students onto improving the step counter ?
    I have taken it to a reasonable level but it could do with improvements in the area of not counting steps when driving. We have a test harness now for comparing algorithms and recordings of accelerometer logs for 10K steps etc.

  • Well, I could - but don't expect too much: homeschooling during the Corona lockdown had recognizable (negative) effects on the "intellectual performance" of many students (albeit not all of them, some even benefited!).

    My presentations therefore shall primarily motivate students to work on and eliminate their knowledge gaps and give beginners (that decided to study CS although they never did any programming before) a target they could pursue without getting lost.

    Times are difficult right now...

  • although its a bit late: see attached screenshot for an example why I don't use Bangle.appRect but prefer my own geometry calculation

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Bangle.js 2: Color wheel

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