Ghost touches (Bangle.js 2)

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  • Following an advice here on the forum to improve battery life, I only enabled button and touch activation of the screen. However, the screen just randomly lit up, especially notable during the night when it laid on a table. I disabled touch now, which has lead to not a single unexpected lit up of the display. Hence my conclusion that the watch registers ghost touches.

    I am happy to provide more details (maybe a touch log?) if one can tell me how to record that.

  • Wake on touch would be more accurately named wake on tap - leaving the touchscreen on would draw too much power, so instead it detects the vibration from you tapping the watch.

    Is it possible that something caused the watch to vibrate? If I enable wake on touch, I can unlock my watch by shaking or banging on the table it's sitting on.

  • Does the screen unlock as well? I had the same problem, turned out the bluetooth widget occasionally lit up (but did not unlock) the screen.

  • Aha. Two very interesting points guys.

    Yes that "vibrating from tap" can definitely explain how it lightens up on my wrist.

    Bluetooth connection would explain why it lightened up while being on the table, though Im confused why it would lighten up without getting messages...

    I will enable wake on touch and not have a Bluetooth connection and will set it shake free on a table for a while, lets see if something happens.

  • I can report that with touch enabled, no Bluetooth connection and the watch just laying on a table (I am not moving and causing vibrations), it randomly lights up and unlocks.

  • Thanks - that's very interesting... I've just merged a change that stops Bluetooth changes from lighting the screen.

    However the wake on touch thing is an odd one. As @NebbishHacker says it's using the accelerometer (having the touchscreen on uses enough power it'd drain the Bangle's battery in a week). The accelerometer does have various settings for what it considers to be a 'tap' and we're using the default provided by the manufacturer - I guess those could maybe be tweaked but you'd hope that they would work 'out of the box'.

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Ghost touches (Bangle.js 2)

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