• Hello there.

    If I receive a message via my connected phone and a different app is open on the bangle (more often then not its the music control app), the watch w
    constantly vibrates and shows the message icon in the upper left area. I am not able to press on that icon (to big fingers maybe?), but I also dont want to. One vibrate would be fine, but not several, seemingly non ending.

  • I ran into the same issue. I hope it is just a setting that someone can point us to.

  • Which Bangle version, 1 or 2? I think it's not supposed to not repeat the buzzing - at least the settings don't seem to allow it.

  • Bangle JS 2, added to the title.

  • I just encountered this... I had another app open overnight, and when my watch recieved Android's "upcoming alarm" notification the persistent buzzing woke me up an hour early.

    I agree with Poolitzer that a single buzz is fine, but it shouldn't repeat indefinitely for regular notifications.

  • Happens to me too

  • This seems related to my hour chime issue a while ago, which generates an infinite buzz after 10-18 hours.


  • I think it could be https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i­ssues/1132 - the messages app will repeat buzzing for ~2 minutes. We should definitely do something about that.

    ... and I'll look into why the buzzer could be getting stuck on sometimes too.

  • the messages app will repeat buzzing for ~2 minutes.

    Aha, and I think it stops when the message app is open, which happens automatically when the clock is loaded, so that is why the repetition is only noticeable for me when I have music app open.

  • Ah, a general fix for stuck buzzers beside the notifictions would be great!

  • This just started happening to me today, as well. It's very annoying, especially when coupled with most apps not having a "return to clock" timer built in (something I plan on fixing within my own fork soon, probably in the form of a widget).

    I was just digging around in the settings when I got a text from my dad - and the watch continued vibrating until I opened the notification.

    Also troublesome - when I receive a notification while within another app, the "flash icon" setting is not respected. I have mine set to false, but while within an app other than the watch face, the message icon blinks until accessed.

    Are there any possible leads on what might be causing this behavior? Looks like someone in the official github issue tried to fix it but ran into difficulties.

  • and the watch continued vibrating

    Do you mean the vibration motor was stuck on permanently? Or it just continued vibrating every so often?

    I wonder whether this is related to some code that went in last week (which flashes the icon for the message type received). Did this behaviour start at the same time that the icon changed from a message icon to the type of message?

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Unexpected message app behaviour when other app is open (Bangle JS 2)

Posted by Avatar for Poolitzer @Poolitzer