Alternate source for the Bangle2 charging cable

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    I located an alternative source for the BangleJS charging cable: Amazon.

    There are other sources out there too, I used Google Search Term of "bangle2 charging cable". I chose
    Amazon (rather than the raft o' Chinese sources) due to the free shipping and also 'cuz I trust
    Amazon to allow returns if things don't work out.

    Charging Cable for Bluetooth Smart Watches (4 pin)
    Cost is $8.99, I have Amazon Prime so I didn't pay shipping. I got it within 2 days (ordered last Wednesday, arrived Friday).

    I checked with Gordon (maker/designer of the watch) and asked him before posting this.

    He himself hasn't verified that it works, but I recharged my BangleJS2 yesterday.

    I explicitly asked him if it was ok to post this since it means people may not order the cable from him, and his response was:

    That's great! Yes, please go ahead and post!

    You don't have to worry about taking money from me - I don't really
    make anything from cables and stuff like that anyway, they're just
    sold as a service to existing customers :)

    Thanks Gordon! Really reflects a person who's got the true Open Source spirit!


  • @user136447 Hey! Thanks for sharing!

  • Also wondering if there are alternatives charging cable for the first model of Bangle.js?

  • I didn't look for Bangle 1 cables. I would think they would be available.

    Can you check and post back for other interested Bangle users?

  • Well, at the moment I have already ordered additional cables from Gordon :) But if someone finds alternatives it would be great!

  • You can DIY a cable yourself with some pogo pins :) The one I did wasn't magnetic so I had to spend half an hour just pressing down on the pogo and the watch, but it shouldn't be that complicated to create a harness that can clamp down on both the watch and the pins.

  • I needed this too so here is a link to German Amazon if anyone needs it­cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_6ZH025Y98QRKS0HJK3A7

  • Thanks! I'll get them in the store soon but I'll link to those cables from the Bangle.js 2 page anyway - I think for many it'll be easier/faster/cheaper to use a cable on Amazon in your country than to have one shipped from the UK :)

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Alternate source for the Bangle2 charging cable

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