Bricked Bangle.js 1.

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  • Hi.

    A friend bricked the bangle.js. He installed a game code in the flash. So the watch just boot into the game. I have tried trouble shouting. I have the MAC address, but it doesn't help when I can't connect with the web browser. But I can connect with espruino cli, however I don't have any bootload file or code to run. Where can I found the bootloader files so I can install and execute from the terminal?

  • Can the watch still connect to the Banglejs apps page via bluetooth? If so, and the game is on the page, try uninstalling it from there.

  • I can only connect to the watch through espruino command line. Not through the web bluetooth client. So can't uninstall like normally, but with the client from the terminal I can install Js files, but I then need the bootloader files or the whole OS.

  • You'll need a more experienced user's answer then, I'm afraid. My suggestion had got me out of a similar problem when first using the watch, but it obviously doesn't always work.

  • Have you checked the troubleshooting page? This particular entry sounds exactly like what you're describing:­+Bangle.js#my-bangle-js-no-longer-boots-­to-the-clock

    There are also entries for connectivity issues on there (in case you haven't seen them already).

    And when you say CLI, do you mean the Web IDE? Just making sure...

  • No, when I write CLI, i mean the npm espruino, that you can use from the terminal. I can't contact the watch from the web IDE, since I can't enable bluetooth, however the trick with holding btn 1 after reboot show the MAC address and you can use

    espruino -p MAC address

    In that way you can install js code.

  • The Web IDE/Bangle App Loader should still work if you can connect with the CLI tool. Maybe try it from a different device?

    As mentioned, the link at­+Bangle.js#my-bangle-js-no-longer-boots-­to-the-clock should sort you out.

    Or... I guess you can see the Bangle.js version on the Mac address screen? Which version is it? If the firmware has never been updated then the Bangle could have a similar issue - in which case you'd need to follow the steps at­are-updates

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Bricked Bangle.js 1.

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