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    I captured a quick GB debug log and it shows this when receiving an SMS on the phone:

    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570958,title:"",su­bject:"",body:"Testing",sender:"Me",tel:­"redacted"})

    Dismissing the notification does not generate a "notify-" action, but I see these for other notifications I dismiss.

    I can also add that I see the same behaviour as described by the OP when it comes to SMS: interacting with the messages UI on the watch doesn't do anything for the notification on the phone. Other apps can have the notification both dismissed and the app being opened depending on the watch interaction.

    The messaging app I'm using is the AOSP Messaging app that comes with my installed Android ROM.

    When I try using a different app for SMS it gets a little more interesting. I installed this one:

    The following then shows up in the logs:

    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570974,title:"",su­bject:"",body:"Testing 6",sender:"Me",tel:"redacted"})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570975,src:"SMS Messenger",title:"Me",subject:"",body:"T­esting 6",sender:""})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify-",id:1691570975})

    When dismissing this notification I'm moved to the messages list on the watch, and the first of the above received notifications is still there. With this app it is possible to dismiss the notification using the watch, but not to open the app.

    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570980,title:"",su­bject:"",body:"Testing 9",sender:"Me",tel:"redacted"})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570981,src:"SMS Messenger",title:"Me",subject:"",body:"T­esting 9",sender:""})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify-",id:1691570981})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570982,title:"",su­bject:"",body:"Testing 10",sender:"Me",tel:"redacted"})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570983,src:"SMS Messenger",title:"Me",subject:"",body:"T­esting 10",sender:""})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify-",id:1691570983})

    Of course, when dismissing, one of the messages still remain in the messages list and needs to be removed manually.

    All of this is on a custom Android 11 ROM. Firmware version of the watch and versions of the involved apps on the watch does not seem to matter since I've seen this behavior for some time.

    Bangle firmware - 2v18.126
    Android integration - v0.31
    Messages - v0.60
    Messages UI - v0.73
    Gadgetbridge - 0.75.0b-banglejs (229)

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    @Gordon Regarding SMS, I've actually observed a different behaviour for those notifications compared to others (but haven't had an opportunity to dig any further).

    Whenever I get an SMS and then clear the notification on my phone, the message persists on the Bangle and has to be deleted manually. This only happens with SMS.

    Could of course be a particular thing with my setup, and I've been suspecting as much since I haven't seen anyone mentioning anything similar. But, since we're talking about SMS quirks here I figured I'd mention it.

    I'll try to grab a log for this later today.

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    Before testing the new navigation mentioned in this thread I've had notifications off for my map app (Osmand+), since the constant updating of the navigation notification caused a constant number of notification events on the bangle.js. Must have been about a year since I tested that last though...

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    Looks like the button is stuck or that the device is otherwise constantly reporting the button being pressed (short, etc).

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    About the original issue (a clarification). Is this about SMS? I'm asking, because I've been seeing an issue with SMS notifications that might be related.

    First, with all other notifications I'm not seeing any issues. Pressing the checkmark marks the message as read and keeps it in the messages app, while pressing the X dismisses it and removes it from the app (and sometimes also from the phone, depending on the app). But, with regular text messages (SMS) the message is never removed from the app on the watch. Not even when dismissing the notification from the phone. A manual delete is required...

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    I tested Message List just now and noticed that it has a bug with watch faces that doesn't use fast load: the app will open when a notification is received, but there will be no message. This was fixed in Message UI last week (not sure if it was 0.62 or 0.63 that fixed it).

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    Yes. The device you need to connect to though, in the nrf app, is dfu targ which is only available while you're on that screen.

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    An occasional splash from using the sink faucet was enough to make the device unresponsive and cause it to constantly reboot. This is surprising to me because IP67 rated devices are supposed to be protected from not just occasional splashes, but also water immersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

    FYI: If it was just a splash it shouldn't be any worries, but if the watch ended up directly in the water stream underneath the faucet it could have been exposed to water pressure that would greatly exceed the pressure it would experience when just immersed to 1 meter.

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    Yeah... The main problem is that people do not understand what the IP-ratings for dust- and waterproofness actually mean. They see "IP67, waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes" and think: "Great, I can swim with that as long as I don't dive". When in reality you shouldn't even let a watch with that rating go under the tap while washing your hands (unless you have a really soft flowing tap)...