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    1. Make sure the watch isn't paired in the phone's Bluetooth settings.
    2. Make sure the watch isn't connected to any other device.
    3. Enable Passkey in Settings -> Bluetooth on the watch.
    4. Connect the watch through Gadgetbridge and choose not to pair.

    That's what seems to have worked on the other thread you replied to (for a GrapheneOS user).

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    Don't pair directly in the device's Bluetooth settings. If you have already, unpair it.

    Use the "Connect" button in the App loader, or "Connect new device" in Gadgetbridge (and it might even be beneficial to choose the option not to pair there).

    That's something to start with...

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    Current firmware updater shows DFU 2v20 as expected.

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    I'm seeing the same thing.

    Updated the DFU first (through the app loader), and it ended up as unknown, CRC 2122305557.

    After that I tried updating the firmware through the app loader, but that failed halfway and both firmware and DFU versions read unknown, even after a restart of the watch.

    Updating manually worked fine though and I'm now on 2v20.5, but the DFU version is still unknown.

    Trying to update the DFU again does nothing. The fwupdater starts on the watch but immediately exits back to the watch without doing anything.

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    Isn't SMA-Q3 the hardware that the Bangle.js 2 is based on? Where did you buy this, and was it advertised as a Bangle.js 2?

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    A couple of suggestions that might be solutions to your issues:

    1. Check the in-watch settings for the Messages app and make sure "Repeat" is off.
    2. A longer press (couple of seconds) will always bring you back to the watch face.
    3. Same as 1. but change the vibration pattern to something that's longer or repeats in a pattern that's easier to detect.
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    I think there are a couple of apps available to manage quiet mode already. Check the App Manager.

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    I captured a quick GB debug log and it shows this when receiving an SMS on the phone:

    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570958,title:"",su­bject:"",body:"Testing",sender:"Me",tel:­"redacted"})

    Dismissing the notification does not generate a "notify-" action, but I see these for other notifications I dismiss.

    I can also add that I see the same behaviour as described by the OP when it comes to SMS: interacting with the messages UI on the watch doesn't do anything for the notification on the phone. Other apps can have the notification both dismissed and the app being opened depending on the watch interaction.

    The messaging app I'm using is the AOSP Messaging app that comes with my installed Android ROM.

    When I try using a different app for SMS it gets a little more interesting. I installed this one:

    The following then shows up in the logs:

    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570974,title:"",su­bject:"",body:"Testing 6",sender:"Me",tel:"redacted"})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570975,src:"SMS Messenger",title:"Me",subject:"",body:"T­esting 6",sender:""})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify-",id:1691570975})

    When dismissing this notification I'm moved to the messages list on the watch, and the first of the above received notifications is still there. With this app it is possible to dismiss the notification using the watch, but not to open the app.

    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570980,title:"",su­bject:"",body:"Testing 9",sender:"Me",tel:"redacted"})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570981,src:"SMS Messenger",title:"Me",subject:"",body:"T­esting 9",sender:""})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify-",id:1691570981})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570982,title:"",su­bject:"",body:"Testing 10",sender:"Me",tel:"redacted"})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify",id:1691570983,src:"SMS Messenger",title:"Me",subject:"",body:"T­esting 10",sender:""})
    SENDING GB({t:"notify-",id:1691570983})

    Of course, when dismissing, one of the messages still remain in the messages list and needs to be removed manually.

    All of this is on a custom Android 11 ROM. Firmware version of the watch and versions of the involved apps on the watch does not seem to matter since I've seen this behavior for some time.

    Bangle firmware - 2v18.126
    Android integration - v0.31
    Messages - v0.60
    Messages UI - v0.73
    Gadgetbridge - 0.75.0b-banglejs (229)