• Would it be possible to add Bangle.getGPSPower() and Bangle.getHRMPower() in v2.09 of the firmware.
    These would be useful for ensuring that the right decision is made in Apps.

    For example

    if (Bangle.getGPSPower() == false) {
         // only need to turn on the GPS if it is switched off
    Bangle.on('GPS', print);
  • Yes - there's an issue open for this which I hope to address soon: https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/iss­ues/1971

    Hopefully the solution there is a bit more flexible and backwards compatible too.

    But note that in the case you show, it doesn't hurt to call setGPSPower twice. I don't know if you saw but I made some changes to GPSService that should help out with other apps for now.

  • yes spotted the change to GPSService, thanks.

  • Also, just fixed that issue above - so latest cutting edge firmwares now have getGPSPower. However that won't be much use to us until 2v09 is released and enough people have it.

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firmware 2.09 wishlist Bangle.getGPSPower(), Bangle.getHRMPower()

Posted by Avatar for HughB @HughB