Bangle GPS Power management

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  • That looks elegant and simple. How about some control over the timing settings as parameters? Something like :

    try {
    } catch (e) {
     // GPS settings not installed

    And a way of reading current state ? ( eg. whether on/off, mode and current settings )

  • We'll have to add a library inside the GPS Setup app, but it's pretty easy to do. I'll look into adding that today.

  • Wonderful.

    I think we have a problem with the calling of the GPSSetup functions through promises. Everything looks like it works BUT in practice it looks like the settings do not take effect. This is a bit of uncertainty principle with this issues when you go looking for it - its not there.

    What I observed last night.

    1) Went out for a walk with GPS setup in PSMOO mode with updates every 120s. Decided I wanted to test the display of speed so I reran the App to SuperE mode so that I could get an update every second. When the GPS got a fix it shutdown and slept for 100+ seconds as if PSMOO mode was operating. I went home and checked the code - no the code is correct. I uncommented log_debug() and ran connected to the IDE - everything seemed to work fine. Disconnected and repeated the experiments to find that though 'Configuring GPS' was displayed I was not getting 1s updates in what I thought was SuperE mode.

    2) Installed the old GPSservice App and switched between power options a couple of times and observed the expected frequecy of the updates - no issues.

    My only conclusion is that something unknown is going on when we use the Promise / delay() way of sequencing the setup functions.

    To fully reproduce
    1) Ensure GPS has been on and established satellites and a fix using the GPS Info App.
    2) Switch off that App and now use GPS Time
    3) If you think that the Power mode is PSMOO then after 120s the Time on GPS Time display should stop updating for approx 100+ seconds and then start again.
    4) Now try switching modes again using GPSSetup and repeat and observe behaviour.
    5) Confirm that repeating with GPS Service does not have the same problem (it uses the evil wait() hack).

  • Hmm, upgraded to gpssetup 0.02 and can't reproduce. Been testing against the window sill. Maybe try a walk later.

  • Have just incorporated this into the speedalt app. Testing now and looking really good.

  • That's great - thanks!

    Odd that it didn't work initially though - maybe some files updated but not others.

    One thing to be wary of with the GPS setup app is if you just change the settings and then exit with a long-press of BTN3, it won't write the settings. It's only if you go back using the Back menu item that they're written?

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Bangle GPS Power management

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