WiFi + Bluetooth

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    you are up to something! - Besides the shield with an ESP8266 ESP-12X module, it looks like you connected a plain ESP8266 ESP-01 - same as in pic in post #18.

    In the past, when my ESP8266 ESP-01 was flailing, is was because power was not stable enough. When ESP8266 is enabled, a calibration happens that draws quite some power. If not enough is available, the ESP8266 browns out / reboots... to just end up at the same spot and reboot again,... over and over... The issue can be resolved by adding a decent capacitor. The capacitor has a capacity of 47uF and is directly soldered onto the module. A good connection on a breadboard is though sufficient as well, as you can see at ...1 powerful cm2 (where capacity was about 5x...: 220uF). As @Gordon though pointed out, I may just have had luck that my test with PixleJS 3.3V power worked, but may not be reliable.

  • Ok - it's now live!

    • Go to https://www.espruino.com/ide/ - you may have to refresh to get the 0.74.5 version
    • click Settings -> Flasher
    • At the bottom, choose Pixl.js with ESP8266 Shield
    • Ensure you're switched SW3 as the instructions say
    • Click 'Flash'
    • After this (it'll take a LONG time - maybe 30 mins) put SW3 back to the off position
    • You should be good to go!
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WiFi + Bluetooth

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